Simple steps to Nigerian Bridal Makeup

Simple steps to Nigerian Bridal Makeup

Simple steps to Nigerian Bridal Makeup
Simple steps to Nigerian Bridal Makeup

Simple steps to Nigerian Bridal Makeup

Looking for exotic and fun concepts to groom your Nigerian friend for her wedding? Thinking of concepts that may intensify her look and facilitate her stand out? Then you have got undoubtedly come back to the proper spot!

Some of the simplest secrets of Nigerian bridal makeup are discovered right during this post. act and check them out!

The Eternal Nigerian Beauty:
Nigerian girls area unit fully beautiful, don’t you agree? the women here acumen to seem glamourous while not outlay 1,000,000 greenbacks. Styling and makeup area unit undoubtedly their forte, and you’d be shocked to understand the amount of tricks they need up their sleeves.


Face powder
Thick brush
Pink lip gloss
Pink lipstick
Red lip liner
Eye liner
Smudge free Kajal
Thin brush

1. invariably embark with the eyes. you initially have to be compelled to apply white makeup on each your eyelids. Use brown on high of the white and take a look at to mix the colors. confirm the color is lightweight.

2. Next, choose a dark shade of purple for your eyelids. Take blueness next and apply on the outer corner of the attention. select pink makeup and apply on the opposite facet of your eyes. mix the colors along currently. Use a thick brush for this. you’ll add some shine with pink glitter. Apply white makeup on the inner corner once more.

3. currently you have got to use war paint for your eyes. some skinny strokes would be enough. Use Kajal for the lower eyelids. Some makeup at the top would be ideal too.

4. Next we tend to come back to the face. Use a skin-friendly skin primer. On high of that, you’ll apply foundation that suits the complexion. A sponge ought to be wont to mix.

5. line up of a concealer to cover all blemishes and dark circles. you will use a brush to mix the color and build a good look.

6. If you prefer powder, do use some with a daily thick brush. this could provide the bride a lightweight and refulgent look.

7. For your lips, define them with a daily red lip liner. color your lips with lightweight pink lipstick. Finally use some pink lip gloss to end your look.

Popular Wedding Makeup Tips For Nigerian Women:

1. For your lips, use colors that area unit neutral, earthy, dark or burgundy. Dab some lip gloss too. choose a lip liner that matches the color of the lipstick.

2. bimetal eye shadow invariably will wonders on Nigerian girls. The darker your skin is, the brighter colors you’ll succeed. Black makeup also can cause you to look terribly attractive. attempt false eyelashes for a sexier look.

3. Yellow based mostly foundation is best for girls United Nations agency have dark skin. Shimmer is usually sensible for highlight.

If you’re still confused, here area unit one or two of YouTube videos you’ll attempt.

1. Omabelle Makeup Ideas:
This 10 minute video is totally superb for all young Nigerian brides. dropped at you by Omabelle, the tutorial is fun, easy and undoubtedly a requirement for women United Nations agency area unit running out of makeup concepts.

2. Jackie Ann Makeup:
This makeup tutorial is super simple to try to to. You don’t have to be compelled to raise an expert to assist. All you would like may be a very little patience and follow and you’re sensible to travel. undoubtedly provide this video a trial and allow us to recognize what you think!

How did you prefer this post? have you ever tried our tips and ideas? allow us to recognize your makeup experiences within the comment box below.

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