Muslim Bridal Makeup – Step Wise Tutorial With pictures

Muslim Bridal Makeup – Step Wise Tutorial With pictures

Muslim Bridal Makeup – Step Wise Tutorial With pictures
Muslim Bridal Makeup – Step Wise Tutorial With pictures

Muslim Bridal Makeup – Step Wise Tutorial With pictures

Ask someone to list a number of the foremost unforgettable events in their lives and their wedding is certain to work among the highest 3. it’s beyond question one {in all|one amongst|one in every of} the foremost vital days in a person’s life. additional thus for the bride as she is sure to be the cynosure of all eyes.

Unquestionably a woman would love to appear her best on the 6 June 1944. sadly with the new breed of inexperienced and low grade makeup artists cropping up within the native saloons, the likelihood of a bride not obtaining the proper look is extremely high. Imagine if you’ll do your own makeup. Would that not be great? sure as shooting, no one is aware of what suits your skin the simplest or what look you’d be the foremost comfy with, higher than you do!

An Moslem wedding is quite less agitated when put next to a standard Hindu wedding as there area unit solely a number of rituals and therefore the bride has the liberty to decorate up the manner she likes. Here is a straightforward guide for a muslim bridal makeup.

Indian Muslim Bridal Makeup:This explicit look has been designed for the eyes to be the central attraction that the makeup highlights the eyes with a bright shade of blue.

Step 1:Clean your face with a decent formulation. Use an important duty makeup remover to get rid of any traces of existing makeup so follow it up with a toner and a moisturizer. Use merchandise that you’d commonly use and don’t experiment with new merchandise on these days.

Step 2:Conceal any spots, blemishes or dark circles that you simply might need with a concealer. If you would like the makeup to last very long, use a face primer before applying your foundation.

Step 3:Apply a decent foundation. The one employed in this look is ‘Lotus Purestay Foundation’. it’s been applied with a foundation brush. you’ll use your hand or a makeup sponge instead. mix in fully and appearance out for streaks and uneven application. the inspiration ought to be light-weight and ideally while not SPF because it tends to oxidize less and doesn’t cause you to look white with flash photography. don’t forget to use some on the neck too because it appearance quite unpleasant if you’ve got completely different colored face and neck.

Step 4:Apply a primer on the attentionlids or use a decent concealer to form a swish base for the eye makeup. Pat a touch of clear or compact on the eyes before starting the makeup.

Step 5:blue eye pencil makeup
For this explicit look, a cerulean eye pencil has been used on the eyelids as a base. you’ll apply the attention shadow directly however having a creamy base makes it keep for much longer. once the pencil apply the attention shadow on the inner 2 thirds of the attention lid. whereas applying perpetually use a decent quality brush/applicator and faucet off the surplus so there’s minimum fallout.

Step 6: black make-up makeup
Take a black eye shadow and apply it over the outer a part of the eyes. you’ll make a choice from glistering black or matte black. The one used for this look is matte black.You may conjointly use a kajal pencil to form smokey eyes.

Step 7:
Take a flossy mixing brush and use a sweeping motion from the black eye shadow onto the blue one. this can mix the 2 shadows along and build a smokey result. If you are feeling the shadow has recede intense, add a touch additional and mix once more.

fluffy mixing brush

fluffy mixing brush

Take a touch of the black eye shadow onto alittle brush and apply it on the crease and mix it in towards the inner corner. mix once more mistreatment the flossy brush to get rid of any harsh lines.

Step 8:
Line the lower lash line with the blue eye shadow. currently line the eyes with a black liner simply to outline the form. build it as skinny as potential. you’ll conjointly use a skinny line of makeup on the lower lash line.

lower lash line war paint

highlighter shade

Apply a highlighter shade slightly below the brow bone and a touch on the inner corner of the eyes. Here a pale golden eye shadow has been used on the brow bone and a white light shade for the inner corner.

blue shades
Step 9:
Finish off with various make-up. you’ll conjointly curl your lashes.

Step 10:

eye makeup ideas
Clean the autumn outs from the attention makeup and inure blush. Cream blushes provides a bedewed end when put next to the powder ones. Take a touch of the blush on the tip of your fingers or on your brush. begin from the apples of your cheek and work towards the temple. Keep a light-weight hand and build up the color as per your demand.

Step 11:
Sweep a layer of loose powder or clear powder on high. Use a flossy face brush and faucet off any excess whereas applying to avoid a cakey look.

Step 12:
Line your lips and apply a natural pink color. Lotus Pink Blush has been used for this look because it could be a terribly natural shade and balances the eyes absolutely. you’ll use the other natural, nude or neutral shade. high it with some gloss and you’re able to go.

make lips natural pink

eye color spell

The eye color may be modified to any color of your choice- blue, pink, maroon or maybe red. simply be conscious to ascertain the lip shade consequently like a pink makeup it might be higher to use nude or coral lips.
So the next time you would like to place on some crazy muslim bride makeup and paint the city red, don’t hesitate to choose up your brushes/liners and with boldness experiment with colors and strokes. Follow the on top of mentioned pointers and you’d notice that wanting sort of a million usd will return simple once all!

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