Is garcinia cambogia vita effective?

Is garcinia cambogia vita effective?

Garcinia cambogia vita is a great weight-loss supplement. According to many people, it will block the ability of a body to build fat. It will also put brakes on the appetite. It will also aid in keeping the blood sugar as well as cholesterol levels in control. It is available in bottles at stores and mixed with different ingredients in some diet products.

Is garcinia cambogia vita effective?
Is garcinia cambogia vita effective?

How does it work?

Do you wish to know “what is garcinia cambogia vita”? Then you should get aware that Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is its active ingredient. It boosts fat burning and decreases appetite. This active ingredient will also block citrate lyase, which is an enzyme. The body uses it to make fat. It will raise the levels of serotonin, the chemical present in the brain. It will make you stay less hungry.

Although the actual results of weight loss are not much impressive, according to a recent review found in a journal, individuals who took garcinia cambogia vita lost 2pounds more than those people who did not take it. But the reviewers could not assure that weight loss took place because of this supplement. It can be as a result of maintaining a low-calorie diet and exercising that those people followed. So better studies are required to see if HCA really aids people in losing weight and also keep it off.

Is garcinia cambogia vita effective?
Is garcinia cambogia vita effective?

Is diet necessary while taking this supplement?

Researchers saw how a well-maintained diet had an impact on the supplement. They noted that the supplement was never as effective in those people who have low fat and high carbohydrate diet.

As per another study, if you take vita trim garcinia cambogia with a high-fat diet, your weight gain will get reduced.

Further, a diet rich in fiber content will also decrease the working ability of HCA in your body.

Thus the research suggests that garcinia cambogia and HCA will be useful when you maintain a proper diet. It is the opposite of the way manufacturers do its marketing.

How should you take it?

The correct dosage of garcinia cambogia depends on many factors like the age and health of the user, along with many other conditions. There is not too much scientific information available for determining a suitable range of garcinia dosage. Remember that natural products will not always be safe, and dosages are vital. Ensure that you follow all the directions mentioned on the labels of the product. Get medical assistance and consult your doctor before using it.

The recommended dosage of garcinia cambogia is two 500mg capsules twice every day. Take when you are empty stomach. Take it with a glass full of water. Always take it half an hour to an hour before meals.

Does it work?

Some studies state that HCA works while others say it does not. Studies conducted on animals showed that mice taking substance ate less and lost weight. It also produced less fat from sugar.

But the results of human studies were more conflicting. One trial showed no difference between individuals who took this supplement and those who took one placebo pill. Other tests linked HCA to weight loss as well as levels of healthy blood lipid.

Moreover, proper clinical trials are essential before any conclusion.

If any pharmaceutical company decides to sell HCA as a medicine, the company needs to find stronger evidence that this substance worked and it must get derived from a well designed clinical trial. Without valid data, HCA will never pass FDA approval. But FDA will not demand similar proofs like medicines for chemicals sold as nutritional supplements. Supplement manufacturers have to make their products safe to consume and label them responsibly. Recent tests showed that most of the supplements sold online include less HCA than that claimed in the label.

Despite garcinia cambogia’s popularity, it is hard to track how effective are the supplements present in it.

Preparation of supplements can vary from one manufacturer to another and from one batch to another within a single manufacturer. So it becomes difficult to compare one brand to another and even measure a unique brand’s effects.

What are the benefits of taking it?

  • Limit appetite and make your body feel full: When you will use garcinia, your body will be feeling full the entire day. Some reviews have discovered positive results in a few animal studies. But similar results are not found in human studies. But the absence of studies on humans to prove this claim does not imply that garcinia does not work. People who used this supplement have reported that it aids them to feel full throughout the day and supports their weight loss too.
  • Enhance athletic performance: It will enhance the athletic ability of an individual. Researchers have found that not only animal models but humans also offered some evidence for such a claim. If you use this supplement, then it might increase your endurance levels while you exercise and will stop people from feeling exhausted very fast. However, long term studies are essential for supporting these claims.
  • Other garcinia cambogia vita benefits: Many previous studies support the claims that garcinia is beneficial for reducing cholesterol level. But these claims are not proved. Results of these studies are not consistent. So garcinia is not recommended to use for lowering cholesterol. It may similarly be able to reduce the levels of blood sugar in a few people. Doctors never suggest taking garcinia cambogia if you have diabetes because it might affect their medicines as well as cause a dangerous drop in their blood sugar.

Does garcinia treat depression?

No significant studies are conducted for testing if garcinia cambogia can treat depression.  But some studies show that HCA can increase the levels of serotonin in laboratory animals. Low levels of serotonin have always get linked to depression. But recent researches cast doubt on it. Very few investigations get conducted on laboratory animal. So it is not enough to think that a herbal supplement that is unprescribed and unregulated can treat such a severe disorder. If you are affected by depression, contact your doctor and get medical assistance for safe and effective cure.

Is there any risk associated with garcinia usage?

It is considered to be safe, but there are few risks as well as considerations that one must remember before they use the fruit or its extract in the form of a dietary supplement.

It is hard to determine the effectiveness of garcinia cambogia as it can vary in potency from one brand to another. Manufacturers include filler ingredients in a blend, and thus it becomes difficult to determine the correct dosage.

What are its side effects?

Become aware of the potential side effects of garcinia cambogia before you take it. Its side effects may be a headache, stomach upset, nausea, symptoms of common cold, skin rash, and low blood sugar.

Some products that contain garcinia cambogia, as well as HCA, are also linked to liver damage. But conflicting evidence is present on if garcinia can cause liver damage or not.

So before taking it, always talk to your doctor.

How does garcinia interact?

It may interact with some medications as some researches show that it lowers the level of blood sugar, so it might affect people who have diabetes. It is best to talk to your doctor before you start to take this new supplement.

If you suffer from liver or kidney disorder, then avoid this supplement.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also avoid it.

Personal reviews of individuals who used it

If you go through the garcinia cambogia vita reviews, you will see that are some positive as well as negative ones. It is because of the selling of fake products in the market. So always be careful when you decide from where to buy garcinia cambogia vita and do not get cheated.

“As I was obese, it was difficult for me, as some of it was only related to self-control. It was not easy for me to lose weight. Preventing additional weight gain is a great accomplishment for many people. The main problem with garcinia cambogia is that it will distract people from concentrating on vital things when it is related to weight loss, such as increasing your level of activity and eating a healthy diet. ‘’

“It is a good product. It works. I placed garcinia cambogia vita order online and personally tried it for four months and lost weight. The cost may be high, but it is worth the result. The bad thing about it is that it suits some people. For instance, my brother tied it for three months and did not lose a single kg of weight. That was very disappointing. It should get prepared for all body type.”


How much weight loss can an individual experience by taking garcinia cambogia?

You can lose up to 10-12 pounds on an average if you take this supplement regularly and follow a healthy diet plan. To increase the product’s efficacy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and doing exercise and a proper diet a part of your lifestyle is essential.

For how long should I take garcinia?

For best results, take this supplement for 90 days. After you start to realize garcinia cambogia vita benefits, you can consume it for a maximum of 6 months.

How will I understand that garcinia is showing the correct results?

The natural ingredients of this supplement can suppress your appetite and infuse a sense of well-being to you. It will control eating urges that might arise as a result of stress, anxiety, and emotional disturbance. Thus it will not make you feel hungry for a long duration.

Can both men and women consume it?

It is proved to be useful for both men and women equally.

Can I continue my current medication with garcinia?

It is prepared from natural ingredients and thus safe when used as a dietary supplement. But it is better to ask a physician for verifying if it is good to use it with any existing medication or medical condition.

Will it suppress your appetite?

A daily dose of garcinia cambogia contains 200mg of the purest garcinia cambogia bean extract. It supplies the optimal amount of HCA. It will make you feel fuller for a long time and prevent fat from getting accumulated in your body. So it will suppress food craving and provide a feeling of high well-being from inside.

What will happen if I stop to take it?

It is a dietary supplement. So it will help you with weight loss as long as you maintain a well disciplined and healthy lifestyle. If you stop the regular exercise and change your diet as well as the product, then you will gain weight. Once you quit the pills and continue with bad eating habits, your health will never remain good. The intake of sugar will stay high, and additional weight will come back. So, maintain a positive outlook towards your life and continue with regular exercise and proper diet along with the help from garcinia cambogia.

Is this supplement gluten free?

Yes, it is entirely gluten-free.

What is the cost of garcinia?

Many supplement options are available for garcinia cambogia. Thus the prices will vary from one supplement to another. Usually, a supplement that includes garcinia cambogia extract will cost from $35-$65 each bottle.

How to buy garcinia?

When you research where to buy garcinia cambogia vita, you get to know that many manufacturers make it. But it is imperative that you find a genuine producer for this supplement. Unlike conventional pharmaceutical drugs, potency, or quality test never get done for supplements.

It is vital to keep away unnecessary stuff such as artificial ingredients from this supplement for its effectiveness and your health.

You can find trusted producers online and place garcinia cambogia vita order online. Always select such a manufacturer who has met FDA regulations on manufacturing, labeling as well as claims.

Final Words

For centuries, garcinia cambogia gets used. The fruit is safe to consume, and its supplements helped a lot of people to lose weight. But clinical evidence of such efficacy is mixed.  If a person considers taking garcinia as a supplement, he must research thoroughly and discuss with a doctor before he starts. Maintain a healthy diet, and regular exercises are still the two best ways of improving body weight. Supplements like garcinia will aid such efforts but will never be able to replace these basic staples of a healthy lifestyle.

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