How to Lose Weight with Organic Green Coffee Beans


What is Organic Green Coffee Beans? or What is Organic Green Coffee Powder? or Organic Green Coffee Beans how to use them?

green coffee beans
green coffee beans

If you are into weight loss program or looking a way to lose your weight, you must have heard of organic Green Coffee Beans or organic green Coffee Powder. If not, well we are here to let you know what is Organic Green CoffeePowder? What is Organic Green Coffee Beans, etc? Firstly is Green Coffee really capable of helping in weight loss? We know you have a lot of questions like this but you don’t need to worry about any of it.

What is Organic Green Coffee Beans?

Well, this is a bit complicated question because you need to know first, what is coffee beans? Coffee beans are the normal one but they are in roasted form. So, Organic Green Coffee Beans are the coffee beans without roasting. These unroasted coffee beans look green that is why they are called Green Coffee Beans. Now the question arises what is Organic Green Coffee Powder?

What is Organic Green Coffee Powder?

As we said about the Organic Green Coffee Beans that is they are unroasted one. But they are beans, right? But, you cannot consume it in beans form. So to make a proper drinkable Organic Green coffee, you need it in powder form. That’s all, now you know about the Organic Green Coffee Powder.  The green coffee beans converted to powder form is green coffee powder. You can buy Organic Green Coffee beans as well as Powder in the market.

How to identify Organic Green Coffee Beans?

If you buy organic green coffee beans through Amazon or any online site, how will you identify if they are organic or not? Here is the solution to this problem of how to identify organic green beans? Firstly, we recommend you to buy the beans, not powder because it is easy to identify beans

  • The Green Coffee beans are really organic green coffee beans or not can be identified with their color.
  • The organic green coffee beans are in light green color.
  • But sometimes it is possible that they are just colored green to look organic, not actually organic.
  • So, you can perform a small test by soaking a few organic green coffee beans in a cup of water for a day to test if they are real.
  • If the water turns greenish and still coffee beans maintain their light green color they are organic.
green coffee beans
green coffee beans

How to Make Organic Green Coffee for Weight Loss?

Now you have the Organic Green Coffe Powder with you but how to make it that it shall give maximum benefit in the process of weight loss. Here is the complete process of making Organic Green coffee for weight loss:

  • Make sure that you have Organic green coffee powder, not beans because that is how you are going to use it.
  • So, if you bought organic green coffee beans then you need to make the coffee powder by grinding them.
  • Now, you have organic green coffee powder.
  • Take 10 grams of Organic green coffee powder with 150 ml of hot water(water at 90-degree Celsius) i.e. the water before boiling.
  • Now let it as it is for an about ten minutes after pouring the coffee powder in the water.

AND, Hurray! your organic green coffee is ready tor weight loss.

Chlorogenic Acid is the main ingredient of this green coffee beans. This acid reduces weight. You should drink thrice a  day to see the results. Drink it before 30 minutes of every meal and this will detox your body.

green coffee beans
green coffee beans

Side-effects of taking Organic Green Coffee

The organic green coffee will help you with weight loss but it comes with a few side effects too.

The caffeine present in the Green coffee may cause lose motion, sleeplessness, or increase in heart rate. This is not a general problem but if you are facing it, you should consult a doctor. You can also use decaffeinated green coffee if your doctor recommends.

Benefits of Organic Green Coffee Beans

  • These Organic green coffee beans are loaded with antioxidants and chlorogenic acids. And, thus help in weight loss.
  • They are also capable of treating type 2 diabetes as they low down the high-level of sugar and help in weight loss.
  • It also slows down the signs of aging, moisturizes our skin, makes our hair healthy and detoxes our body.

NOTE Children, pregnant women, nursing women, people under medication shall not take Green coffee.

This is how “organic green coffee beans” or “organic green coffee powder” helps you in weight loss with the fat burning abilities of chlorogenic acid. With this organic green coffee, you can reduce 5 to 10 kg in a month.

green coffee beans
green coffee beans

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