How to cure Corona virus naturally?


How to cure Corona virus naturally?

How to cure Corona virus naturally?
How to cure Corona virus naturally?

In the year 2020, the Corona Virus that has been identified is known to be fatal and it has spread very quickly from China to most parts of the world. It is a type of common virus that will cause infections in nose, sinus and upper throat. Most of the viruses of this disease spread similarly as other cold causing virus does that is through any infected individuals coughing or sneezing, by coming in close contact with any infected individual’s hand, face and by touching anything that an infected person has touched such as a glass or mobile phone. The symptoms associated with Corona virus are exactly the same as that of other upper respiratory infection such as coughing, runny nose, sore throat and also fever. Mostly people would not be aware of if they are affected by Corona virus or any other virus causing cold.

How can you prevent getting infected by it?

There is no vaccine for preventing Corona virus. The best measure you can take for preventing it is by avoiding getting exposed to the virus. However there are some preventive measure for helping prevent the spreading of it and curing Corona virus naturally:

  • Wear a facemask: Although it is never recommended that individuals who are in good health use a facemask for protecting themselves from Corona virus. Rather it must be used by individuals who suffer from any symptom associated with Corona virus. This will aid in preventing the spread of this disease to other individuals. Remember that using facemasks is very important for each and every health workers as well as individuals who take care of anyone who is sick at home or in any health care. Also always dispose a facemask properly and wear a new one whenever someone coughs and sneezes around you and contaminates it.
  • Regular Hand washing: A habit of regular hand washing mostly before and after some activities is one of the most natural ways of removing germs, avoiding falling sick as well as preventing spreading of germs to other healthy individuals. It is fast, simple as well as it will help us from falling sick. So stay aware and never forget to wash your hands properly with water and soap for at least 10-15 seconds. Wash hands well if they look dirty. This should also be done mostly after you go to the bathroom, before you eat, after coughing, sneezing and when you come home for outside. In certain emergency situations you can make use of a hand sanitizer that is alcohol based. Wash hands

Other natural ways are:

  • Avoid any close contact with individuals who are unwell.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose as well as mouth.
  • Try staying at home if you fall sick.
  • If you cough and sneeze, then cover it with the help of one tissue and then throw it away in any trash.
  • Always cleans as well as disinfect any object or surfaces that you touch frequently by making use of an everyday cleaning spray that is there in your household.


Remember that is very crucial that you share your all travel history with a doctor and get medical attention immediately if you suffer from fever, cold, cough and have breathing problems.


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