Home remedies to reduce Chest congestion

Home remedies to reduce Chest congestion

Home remedies to reduce Chest congestion
Home remedies to reduce Chest congestion

Chest congestion is the buildup of fluids as well as mucus in lungs which can cause coughing, tenderness, pain, discomfort as well as difficulty in breathing. It can also lead to a severe heart and lung illness or a condition in which urgent treatment is obligatory. Chest congestion can produce both a dry cough or else mucus expelling cough. It can be diagnosed by the x-rays and also by listening to the breathing sounds. A congested chest can lead to much severe illness such as tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia and much more. In case you notice any serious issues you should straight away consult a doctor. If no severe problem, you can try it to treat chest congestion using home remedies.

Causes and symptoms of chest congestion

A common cold is the most common cause of chest congestion. Bacteria and allergens can cause chest congestion. Many other causes of chest congestion comprise flu, bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis and pneumonia. Common symptoms of chest congestion include irritation in the throat, cough, tightened chest, dizziness, shortness of breath, mild chest pain as well as difficulty in breathing. You can use some home remedies to treat chest congestion.

Home remedies to cure chest congestion

  1. Drinking chicken soup

Drinking chicken soup assist in reducing chest congestion as it increases the movement of mucus in the body. It also decreases the flow of neutrophils, which are cells in the body that react to illness by creating inflammation in the body. Drink the chicken soup and also try to inhale the steam from the up at the time of drinking. This process will definitely assist you to release the chest congestion and also soothe a cough.

  1. Honey

Honey is known to be the best natural cough suppressant which is very effective to cure chest congestion. Having a spoon full of honey in a warm drink will assist to reduce congestion and cough for numerous hours. You can take two teaspoons of honey the time you go to bed. Honey will also help you to soothe the throat and also clear congestion efficiently.

  1. Add on humidity

Turning the heat for a few degrees can help you to maintain humidity levels and which will definitely help to relieve chest congestion. You can also take a hot shower which will release steam and create humidity. In this way, you will breathe more clearly, as water vapor will reach your lungs and which loosen mucus. This relaxes mucus will help to treat chest congestion.

  1. Drink lot of liquids

Soothe chest congestion by drinking liquids as liquids comprise warm water and clear broths.  Drinking the warm fluids will assist you to clear chest congestion and also make an easy away to expectorate. Keep in mind that breathing will be more difficult without adequate hydration. So always try to stay hydrated to reduce the symptoms of chest congestion.

  1. Ginger

Ginger has anti-inflammatory as well as immune boosting properties and which are very helpful in treating chest congestion. Ginger fights infection and also help to get rid of the fundamental cause of chest congestion. You can chew up small ginger pieces to get rid of chest congestion. You can even have ginger with black pepper and cloves in a powdered form. Follow above steps to treat chest congestion and to get rid of it.

  1. Essential oils

Some essential oils inhibit the growth of bacteria that are the primary causes of chest congestion. Essential oils can be used in two ways firstly you can diffuse oil in the air with a diffuser. You can mix few drops of oil in a bucket of hot water for the bath. Secondly, you can also apply it directly, but before it, you should need to do a patch test. Once you found out that essential oils are safe for your skin, then apply diluted oil on chest and repeat this process.

  1. Bay leaves

Bay leaves are known to be the beneficial herb which has many medicinal properties. It is very helpful in treating chest congestion and many other diseases too. It can be consumed as a hot compress or in the form of tea to cure chest congestion. You have to boil a few bay leaves in water and stay them soak in it for some time. After that drink it warm to get relief from chest congestion.

  1. Eat spicy

The time we eat something spicy our nose start running out. This is because spicy food acts as decongestants and is highly consumed to ease chest congestion naturally. Garlic, black pepper as well as chilies are advisable to be taken by adding them to food. You can also add them to warm water to get your mucus moving.

Some helpful actions to relieve chest congestion

The best way to get rid of chest congestion is to gargle a mix of warm water, salt and turmeric. There are many other helpful actions to relieve chest congestion; they are as follows:

  • Take a hot shower and hold your face and breathe deeply.
  • While sleeping try keeping your head elevated to endorse drainage of mucus.
  • You can try out specific yoga postures to get relieved from chest congestion.
  • Apply hot pack or cloth to your chest and neck to soothe chest congestion.
  • Avoid foods that create problems and that increase mucus production.

As the symptoms of chest congestion look as if they are slight but if it continue for 10 days than it is an sign of some serious illness. You should consult a doctor without any holdup.


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