Get hold of a tailored solution to all skin Your problems 2021

Get hold of a tailored solution to all skin problems

SkinKraft is known to be the very first customized skin care routine of India that is created for meeting all your skin’s requirement. All the skin care products came into the market after a lot of efforts by the dermatologists, formulators as well as cosmetologists. SkinKraft properly understands each skin, its need and ways of fulfilling them. Many women love SkinKraft. Check the best skin care reviews of to get some idea about it.

Some of the SkinKraft reviews:

It is a great product

“Unlike any other brand, it will cater to your skin type as well as skin problems only. This brand never sells any generic product. All its ingredients are of fine quality and no harmful chemical such as Silica, Paraben, etc. are used. SkinKraft is one customized skincare regimen. Like many people I too wasted money on various skincare products. Then once I researched well, I got to know that SkinKraft offers unique products to each and every customer and their customer support solves every product issue.”

Completely satisfied with the results

“I ordered SkinKraft products for the first time. I have used it once from my friend. Once I bought it and started to use its products, I must say that it started to work on my skin. I can completely feel the difference after using the products. SkinKraft is a great brand and I am getting free from most of my skin issues. I am happy with how my skin looks now.”

Best product that I ever used

“After making use of a lot of chemicals on my face, finally I got hold of the perfect thing for my skin. Thanks to SkinKraft. I have been using it for 3 days and feeling great. It has really improved my skin to a large extent. I will wait and see if my skin becomes more clear and glowing.”

SkinKraft offers magical products                                                                       

“For the last one month, I have been using SkinKraft product and I am amazed by its wonderful results. I can feel the flowing tone of my skin. It is an awesome product. I have already started to recommend this product to my friends and will suggest everyone to try it for rejuvenating your skin.”

Unbelievable solution to skin care problems

“I have an oily and sensitive skin. After using many cosmetics, I finally ordered it for my acne prone skin. SkinKraft product has worked really well on my skin. 30% of my skin problems got resolved within one week of using it. My skin became very soft as well as smooth as it rejuvenated and revamped my skin. I am very delighted with the products.”

Best skincare product for the summers

“I love using cleanser because it makes my skin look clear and feel refreshed. My skin feels light and non greasy all day during the summer months. My dark patches are also gone and I have started to gain confidence that I have lost due to my skin issues. I am very sure that I will be able to battle the summer with the help of SkinKraft.” So know that you have gone through all these SkinKraft reviews, you must be aware of how it solves all skincare problems. So wait no further and avail your customized everyday skin care routine.

An Overview of Anti-aging creams 2021

An Overview of Anti-aging creams

As we start to age, we tend to use anti-ageing creams. Unhealthy lifestyle factors are responsible for our bad and sagging skin. Moreover, continuous exposure to sun rays can also cause damage to our skin and thus cause wrinkles. Nowadays various anti-ageing creams are accessible in the market. Each and every cream come with a promise of reducing wrinkles and they also assert to alter the damages that are caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays. But can you completely rely on these creams? Are they really effective? Always remember that the effectiveness of an anti-ageing cream depends completely on its ingredients. The reason behind this is that over the counter creams that are available without prescriptions are not usually scientifically demonstrated for their effectiveness.

When should you start to use anti-ageing cream?

The process of skin ageing varies from one person to another. Various factors can influence it. From the age of 25-30 years you must begin to provide your skin all the protection that it requires. Ultra violet filters along with adapted anti-ageing ingredients are much essential. Type of skin along with age plays a vital role in selecting the best anti-ageing cream. These creams are developed for a specific skin type and age group and come with ingredients that will support particular needs of the skin.

Any anti-ageing cream with antioxidants can be included in your daily skin care regimen from the early age of 21 years. But be careful to use those creams that are well suited for your own skin type. For instance, if you have a dry skin, you will require intensive and lipid rich creams but a normal, combination oily skin will never need such a cream because it will cause breakouts, blackheads as well as clogged pores.  Once you turn 30 years old, acne might appear on your skin. So start to incorporate more and more active ingredients in your daily routine.

You should also remember not to use harsh exfoliants in scrub or chemical form. Using acids in cleansers, serums and scrubs will prove to be very aggressive and damage the barrier function of your skin. As a result an irritation and reddening of your skin will occur. Anti-ageing products that stimulate turnover of cell by exfoliating your skin with some ingredients such as salicylic, lactic and glycolic acids should not be used.

Do anti-ageing creams really work?

They claim to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and lower any premature ageing. Although there is not abundant evidence for showing how anti-ageing creams work, but some active ingredients that are used in these creams are proved to be safe as well as effective. So you should try to find those right ingredients that will work great with you. Here are few active ingredients that used commonly in anti-ageing creams and play a great role in reducing the signs associated with ageing.

  • Retinal: It is a Vitamin A compound and is used widely as an anti-oxidant ingredient in creams that are available over the counter. Its antioxidant property aids to fight all damages that are caused by the free radicals and which can lead to skin cells’ break down and ultimately cause wrinkles.
  • Coenzyme Q10: This ingredient found in anti-ageing creams assist in decreasing wrinkles present near the eyes and offers great protection from any damage caused by the sun.
  • Hydroxy acids: Some exfoliants such as alpha, beta as well as poly hydroxyl acids help to remove the upper layer of all old along with dead skins. These ingredients too play the key role to stimulate growth of evenly pigmented as well as smooth recently developed skin.
  • Niacinamide: It helps to reduce water loss from the skin and also improves skin elasticity.
  • Peptides: It aids to heal stretch marks, wounds as well as wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C: It is an important antioxidant that is present in anti-ageing creams. It will protect your skin from UV rays’ damage. Remember to store the anti-ageing creams that contain Vitamin C in a cool as well as dry place away from the direct sunlight and air.
  • Grape seed extract: Grape seeds extract has properties that aid to heal wounds. It also comes with anti-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Tea extracts: Some compounds of black, oolong and green tea include anti-oxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Greens tea extracts are found commonly in anti-ageing creams.

What will an anti-ageing cream do?

  • An anti-ageing cream with proper ingredients will improve your skin’s health.
  • It will be hydrating and nourishing your skin and making your skin look fresh, younger as well as glow.
  • Your skin tone will be smoothened and your skin will become free of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It will help in balancing dry, oily patches and heal as well as repair skin damage.
  • It will add firmness along with elasticity to your skin.

How should you use anti-ageing cream?

Some anti-ageing creams are lightweight and thus you can use it during the day. So follow the below mentioned steps to understand how to use an anti-ageing cream and get the most benefit out of it.

  1. Wash your face with warm water. Use a cleanser.
  2. Use a soft cloth to dry it. Do not make your skin irritated.
  3. Allow it to stay moist.
  4. Take out a small amount of your anti-ageing cream on your palm.
  5. Rub your hands well and then gently apply the rubbed cream on your clean and moist skin. Rub starting from the neck and move upwards.
  6. Apply it on your face as well as neck.
  7. Massage lightly in circular motion.
  8. Avoid the creases of your eyes.
  9. Let the cream get absorbed properly. Leave it for 10 minutes.
  10. Before going to bed at night, remove all your makeup, clean your face well and repeat this same procedure.

The perfect way of preventing ageing is to apply sunscreen daily and eat a diet rich in antioxidants because they will be preventing ageing from the inside. Other than these always use an anti-ageing cream that is formulated exclusively for your skin type. So be it fighting the discomforting free radicals or stimulating the natural collagen production of the skin, these anti-ageing creams make attractive promises. So before spending your money every year on the anti-ageing creams, have a clear idea of the effective ingredients, how anti-ageing creams work and then buy the one according to your skin type.

Should you use an anti-ageing cream?

There are many women who wish to save their young looking skin and throw away all age related change. But not all of them know what to do about it. So bread along and begin your skin care today.

A product worth suggesting

It contains retinol as well as hyaluronic acid. This anti-aging cream treated my dark pigmentation along with skin wrinkles and ageing signs.  Thus it made my skin appear younger and also brighter. It did not make my skin dry. It also added sun protection, moisturized and evened out my skin tone for wonderful radiance. I always apply it every day one time in the morning and then again at night before I go to bed. The cream is also non-greasy. I will definitely recommend this product as it get easily absorbed in the skin and has a non-sticky formula.”

Genuine anti-ageing cream

“As I aged, my skin started to lose elasticity and resilience. I have a sensitive skin and so wrinkles started to appear on my face. So I got hold of this genuine anti-ageing cream as recommended by my friend. I began to use it 30 minutes before I left my house. I always properly cleansed the dirt and removed all makeup from my face before I used it. I never used hot water for cleaning my face. I took a small amount of this cream and massaged gently. I waited until it got completely absorbed into the skin. It will never harm your skin around your eyes but it is always better that you avoid such areas. It prevented skin aging efficiently and my skin looked youthful and fresh. I often used it as a daily moisturizer too.”

A perfect skin care regimen

“When I started to use it, the very first thing observed by me was that my skin became firm, pores shrunk as well as fine lines evened out. I was having a red nose and after 2 weeks the colour got balanced well. I was very happy. Dark circles along with blemishes were also present. But this cream was a great preventative. It also treated skin lightening other than aging signs. It is also a wonderful moisturizer. I will tell everyone to get their skin protected with the complete care of this anti-ageing cream as well as enjoy fruitful result for many years.”

Youthful and radiant skin

“This anti-ageing cream includes natural ingredients. So I never had allergy and irritation while using it. It is also suitable for all skin type. So I liked it a lot. I always remembered to remove my makeup as well as impurities well from my face along with neck before I applied it. It worked great for my fine lines as well as wrinkles. It works perfectly for mature skin and skin recovery. My skin became smooth as well as moisturized. My skin tone was strengthened and also improved. I could notice a balanced skin texture too. Once you will start to use it, you will understand that your skin is regaining elasticity along with youth much faster.”

So do not get worried anymore as this anti-ageing cream will be taking proper care of your wrinkles and adding a youth touch to your skin.

Best anti-wrinkle cream: Go through the proper reviews

If you are in search of the best anti-wrinkle cream, then have a look at the reviews mentioned below.

Olay: Regenerist

“I have been using this wonderful anti-wrinkle cream ever since it came in the market. It comes with a creamy texture and its results will make you feel that it is worth the money. It includes the perfect blend of ingredient such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3, etc. All these ingredients worked together for moisturizing and plumping my skin, lifting surface cells as well as smoothening any the appearance of fine lines. I saw wrinkles becoming softened from the very first day I started using it. I have already recommended this product to my friends and will suggest everyone with wrinkle problems to buy it.”

Neutrogena: Hydro Boost

“This face gel-cream is actually a water-based moisturizer. Since I have aging skin, I started to use it because it adds non-greasy hydration. Its gel texture got absorbed fast and its formula harnessed the hyaluronic acid’s power of deeply hydrating my skin for a long time even after I rubbed it well in my skin. Other than making my skin soft and shiny, I also noticed great improvements after using it for once.  I always applied it before going to bed and the next day in the morning my skin always looked and also felt completely different. My skin had a glow, the skin texture was different, and my acne was also not as agitated as it looked before. It also looked a little bit minimized. After this, I kept on using it and my acne has been creased making my skin supple, clear and brightened. I will suggest using this anti-wrinkle cream every day after you cleanse your face well for achieving great results.”

Pond’s: Age Miracle

“I have been looking for a good anti-wrinkle cream that will effectively work during the day when I go out for work. My friend recommended Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector and I love it completely because it delivered exactly what I was looking for. It worked perfectly throughout one day for giving me young as well as vibrant skin. This is because of its ingredient retinol-C complex that aids to reduce any wrinkle present on skin and thus help it to look vibrant the entire day. After each use, my skin was nourished as well as deeply moisturized. It is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to get hold of a good anti-wrinkle cream at an affordable price.”

Himalaya: Anti-wrinkle

“My husband and I have been using this anti-wrinkle cream. It is not only very reasonable but both men and women can use it. Its herbal formulation naturally helped me to get rid of my wrinkles. Other than this, my skin tone also got improved. Aloe Vera, sandalwood and lemon are its ingredient and it aids in oxidizing your skin and preventing wrinkles from appearing. My skin was also protected from the harmful UV rays, deeply moisturized and nourished. Thus my skin became soft as well as supple. Spots got removed too and my skin started to appear young and also clear. I used it daily as it smoothened, toned and tightened my skin.”

So do not wait any more, get hold of the best anti-wrinkle cream according to your preference.

Colours that look perfect on dusky skin 2021

Colours that look perfect on dusky skin

Nowadays, the world is smitten with women with dusky skin. From Beyonce to Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone these dusky beauties are currently ruling the world. Dusky skin tone is actually a beautiful shade that most of the Indian women are blessed with. Their skin tones come with warm undertones with a beautiful and attractive touch. But unfortunately many women do not understand it and worry over selecting shades that will perfectly suit them. But there are some colours that will look great only on dusky skin.

A list of perfect colours for women with dusky skin

Here is a list of some of the perfect colours that look perfect on dusky skin. So have a look at how many shades you already have in your closet.


It is a great match for dusky skin toned women. A simple grey daily wear as well as a party wear in grey shade with little glitter will look perfect on dusky skin.

Teal blue

It is a trendy colour. Women are talking a lot about this blue shade and each and every woman must have teak blue outfits in their closet. It being an unusual colour will look modish on everyone who sports it.


Purple is a beautiful colour. But since dusky skin tone has a warmer undertone, it is recommended to look for deeper colours of the exact shade. So rather than trying lavender, wear aubergine outfit that includes a touch of red combined in it.


Red will suit everyone as it is known to be a universal colour.  This colour is custom-made for dusky skin. You can give a try to a huge range of various reds be it bright one or those mixed with orange. Put on a red skater dress with a red lipstick and flaunt your beauty.


Do you feel that yellow will not suit your dusky skin? Then understand that it will suit more on your skin tone compared to the fair tones. Yellow will look very pretty on dusky skin and they will fall in love with their individual skin tone.


If you love the colour black but not sure if it will look great on your dusky skin tone, then try styling it with various fabrics. Remember to mix chiffons, nets as well as fabrics such as leather together in a single look. It will make black colour look bold and also sexy on your skin tone.

Red wine

A red colour with a touch of wine tone or a deep maroon shade will perfectly complement dusky skin. These shades being dark and not blingy will look beautiful on dusky women.


A white dress will look flawless on dusky skin tone. This colour will be complementing the sun-kissed tone in an amazing way. You can look ravishing by wearing a completely white attire. Remember to not wear fabrics like polyester and lycra. Chiffon, cotton and linen attires in white will look great like an off white and slightly beige white.

So the next time you get ready for a dinner date or your workplace, do not think much. Include and wear outfits in the above mentioned colours to create a style statement in your beautiful dusky skin tone. 

The complete guide on how to apply blush 2021

The complete guide on how to apply blush

Have you been thinking that there is only way of applying blush? Then think again. Similar to lipsticks and eyeliners, blush too can be used for achieving various aesthetics on the basis of how as well as where it has been applied. The main key is you need to know how to apply blush correctly to get the perfect results. So read along to become an expert in applying your blush.

Prepare your skin perfectly

If you wish to make the blush blend properly in your skin and last longer, then remember to wash as well as moisturize your face at first. Always keep your skin clean, healthy, exfoliated as well as supple. It will let makeup blend in perfectly and stay for longer. Begin by using a primer that will prepare your skin and add a base to your makeup. You can also add your blush above your face foundation or tinted moisturizer for making your skin tone even as well as aid in giving your blush something for sticking to.

Select a shade ideal for your skin tone

When it comes to how to apply blush, you must select the ideal shade for flattering your skin tone. Anything that is very dark or bright will age you rather than adding warmth and youthful glow. The aim is selecting a shade that is very close to your natural complexion. The best way of figuring it out is by pinching your cheeks. If you have a very fair skin then choose light pink blush shades and for light medium skin, a peachy pink blush shade will be perfect. Brighter pinks are great for golden skin tones and brighter hues for darker complexion.

Get hold of the correct formula for your skin type

Choosing the correct blush formula is something more than picking just the perfect shade. You must find the ultimate formula of blush too. Blushes are available in powders, creams as well as stains. Women with oily skin can look out for a blush stain. Creamy formulas of blush are perfect for normal and combination skin as they stay for longer. Women with dry skin can opt for a powder blush formula.

Apply according to your face shape

Understand your face shape and learn how to apply blush accordingly.

Heart shaped face: Women with heart shaped faces will have wider forehead and tapered chin. To make your heart shaped face look flatter, apply blush below the apples of the cheeks and layer on your bronzer’s top if you want. Then blend well outward in circles towards your face’s edge and near the hairline. It will be balancing your features and add colours to your cheeks.

Square shaped face: If you have a square shaped face, then your jaw as well as cheekbones will be defined and also structured equally. Always skip apples of the cheeks and apply the blush below your cheekbone, only above your bronzer application and sweep outward in circles towards your hairline for blending and lifting your face.

Oval shaped face: These faces are usually longer down instead of across. The chin along with the jawbone is usually rounded. For applying blush onto such face, apply the colour above as well as over the cheekbones and sweep out in circles for a much natural flush.

Rectangle shaped face: Rectangle and square shaped faces are quite similar. Only rectangle shaped faces have their face length longer than their face width. Apply your blush to the cheekbones directly to make your face flatter. Keep the colour just above at the place where your nose tip ends. Blend well out as well as upward in circles towards your hairline.

Round shaped face: These face shapes are same as oval shaped faces. Only difference is that the length is almost equal to the face’s width rather than slightly longer. For making this type of face flatter, apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks as well as start to blend outward towards your hairline.

Blend perfectly

If you apply blush only in the right areas it is never enough. You must ensure that it blends well too. Make use of any damp sponge or any stiff brush for blending your blush in your face perfectly. Your blush must be mimicking a natural flush and not clown your makeup. Blend the colour well with not a single harsh line and adding attractive shiny colour.

Hold a tissue to set the blush

You can use a translucent powder for setting your makeup. But it will add a dull look to your skin mostly if your skin becomes dry. So try to blot the blush by making use of a tissue. Hold it to the cheek and press lightly with your makeup sponge. It will be absorbing any additional product without making your glow dull.

So regardless of which blush colour and formula you select always remember how to apply blush correctly and select colours as well as styles that will excite you.

Goji Cream is 100% Solution for Your skin problem Once 2021

Goji Cream Works 100%

Having healthy baby soft skin without any fine lines or wrinkles is on every woman’s mind with the passing of their youth. There are a number of creams in the market that claim to provide a wrinkle-free skin for the ladies but most of these fail to work and the skin ends up being damaged due to the harsh
chemicals present inside them. Going for homemade remedies only works when you have the time, patience and perfect natural ingredients necessary for preparation and more often than not, these ingredients are not available in the nearby departmental stores or supermarkets. One such ingredient is Goji Berry which helps in rejuvenating the skin cells and preventing signs of ageing. You can take advantage of this fruit and it’s numerous benefits by using the Goji Cream manufactured by Shavlik Herbals.

Goji Cream Full Review and How to Use it timely is Important:
Goji Cream is formulated for reviving dull skin and bringing a youthful glow to the face. It is an Ayurvedic product that is developed with a mixture of the goodness of Goji berries along with other herbs. The product helps in curing many skin problems that are a persisting problem with many women like fine
lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, pimples, scars, crow’s feet and blemishes which form because of the dust, pollution, ultra violet rays that make the skin tissues weak and prone to these skin problems. The deficiency in the skin is fulfilled by the nutrition provided by the Goji Cream, giving the
skin a natural and fair glow and also aids in boosting the collagen levels. The product can also be used by men to ward off their similar skin problems. The product is hundred percent genuine and is suitable for every skin type without causing any side effects.

Goji Cream Rate :
The Goji Cream price in the market is Rs 1,990 for 50g product tube. The product is also available in a pack of two tubes available at a price of Rs. 3,980. Four tubes of Goji Cream price is of Rs. 7,960.

Method of Applying Goji Cream :
After the purchasing any kind of cosmetic item, we apply the product only after properly reading the directions and following the same. Even in the case of Goji cream, you should first read the instructions on the packaging and then apply the product onto your skin. You can easily apply the creamlike any other facial cream but following the steps given below will ensure that you get the best results out of using this product.

  1. Before applying the product on your face, make sure that it is completely clean and free from any makeup or impurities. A good way to clean the face is by using a cleanser or makeup removal wipes and then using a scrub to clean deep within the pores and free the skin from dirt.
  2. The next step is to take a little product out for application onto the finger tips and then applying it to the skin, gently massaging the product in areas with fine lines or wrinkles. This will help the skin in absorbing the product and for the product to work its way into the skin and repair it.
  3. The product will start showing quick results on regular applications and should be in continual use for at least three months in order to prevent the fine lines and wrinkles to form.

Order Goji Cream Online :
The hassle of searching for a product from store to store can be a bitter experience and also takes a lot of time. This the reason why ordering products online has become the new way of shopping that adds to the customer satisfaction and saves the customer from inconveniences of marketing, giving products at discounted rates and even saves plenty of time. Goji cream online order is the most convenient way to get hold of the cream and this can be purchased at much lower prices from the MRP, thus cutting costs as well as saving the time required to look for the product in the market.

Goji Cream Amazon Price :
Goji Cream is available to buy online from Amazon which offers attractive discounts and cash backs using different payment methods. For a single tube of Goji Cream worth of Rs 1,990, you just have to pay Rs. 1,650 and this comes inclusive of the delivery charges. The pack of two Goji Cream comes at a discount of thirty percent and the pack of four Goji Creams is sold at a discounted rate of forty seven percent in Amazon.

ICICI bank members get an extra 15% discount on the product, Amazon pay balance customers get an additional five percent cash back, ten percent cash returns for RuPay customers and customers with GST invoices save twenty eight percent of the product amount on their business buys.

The Goji Cream is reviewed by Amazon customers who have positive things to share about the cream after a minimum usage of three months that helps in identifying the goodness of the product.

An Ending Thought
Even though there are innumerable cosmetic products available on sale by companies both online as
well as in the markets, Goji Cream is the best option to go for. Since it is a pure blend of all natural
ingredients, there are no problems of side effects from this product. The product is also beneficial for all
the people suffering from the dark and dull skin and who are in constant worry of getting wrinkles on
their skin. Getting glowy, wrinkle- free skin is now simple because of Goji Cream’s easy application
method. Ordering the Goji cream at an online store like Amazon is very advantageous as there are heavy
discounts especially on bulk orders like the pack of four Goji Creams. Additional discounts are also
offered to selected bank customers and the product is delivered at your own convenience. Hence,
getting the youthful skin is now easy without spending out on expensive skin treatments and surgeries
by using the extremely effective Goji cream.