Is it worthy to use hair growth oil 2021?

Is it worthy to use hair growth oil?

Have you tried several shampoos and conditioner along with supplements or vitamins for hair growth? All these products may promise you of fast hair growth but if you are still searching for a solution to hair growth problem then read the reviews below.

Must-have hair oil

“The product is wonderful for dry scalp. It will not leave your hair oily. I will recommend women who have natural hair to use this product. I have natural straightened hair. I use the product 2 times each week. It adds moisture as well as softness and does not leave any greasy feeling. I have seen one full inch of growth within one month. There occurred no breakage along with minimal shedding.”

A perfect scalp moisturizer

“I never used this hair oil for growth of hair. I always used it for moisturizing my scalp. My scalp used to be super tender as well as itchy when the weather became cold. So I made up my mind to begin oiling my scalp and it worked ideally. It can surprise many but I could feel the softness in my scalp and it does not also itch anymore. It is also not tender. I will surely buy it again, once I am out of stock.”

Great help for hair growth

“Before I purchased the product, I went through its reviews. I really liked the reviews and when I started to use it, I noticed some hair grow. I kept on watching each and every video on this hair oil and I saw many individuals pulling their hair and saying that the growth did not convince them. I never felt like stretching my hair for showing the growth, I just sit and watch and yes my hair grew without any stretching. Before my hair was just a quarter infront of my eyebrows. But now it comes till my eye’s centre and if I stretch it then it will be going over my eyes. My eyebrow also appeared to become darker. For more results I will keep on using this hair oil. It is my first month that I have been using it. The results started to show within 2 weeks I followed all instructions and now it is like a routine to use this hair oil. I message it into my scalp 4 times each week. If you have any bald spot then massage your scalp every day paying more attention to the bald spot.”

Amazing hair oil that works

“I have been using hair oil along with my daughter and it is great. She started to use it full strength. Her hair has grown a lot in few months. Although others many complain about its smell but it didn’t bother me much. I started to notice that my hair was growing when I began to use it. I diluted it with some olive oil and coconut oil and my hair started to grow more. It has become longer as well as thicker than it used to be before. But I remember not using it for one month and my hair started to break off. So always continue to use it for constant hair growth and maintenance.”

So, now that you are aware of how useful hair growth oil is, shop and start using it have long and thick hair within a short time.

How beneficial is green coffee beans for weight loss 2021?

How beneficial is green coffee beans?

These days people feel that losing weight is very difficult. Thus they are depending on various supplements as well as other products to make things easy. Green coffee bean is a product that is used by many people to lose weight.

Some customer reviews

Go through the reviews and have an idea of green coffee beans.

Amazing product to give a try

“I got to know about green coffee beans from a colleague who lost much weight. She looked great and her weight was gone from around her stomach. She informed me regarding this product and asked me to be careful while buying it as many fake products are available in the market. I have been using it for a year and it is an amazing product. I loved eating junk food, but green coffee beans stopped my cravings. It worked well along with a change in my eating habit and exercise. I am not using it for the last 3 months but I am doing well with my eating habits as well as exercise. I never got affected by any side effect. So try it and see wonderful results.”

It worked perfectly for me

“I am completely satisfied with green coffee beans. It curbed my appetite quite well. One of the best things about this product is that it never leaves any after taste. I was unable to drink any of the health drinks as a result of some sweet after taste and because some supplements were in the form of pill. I suffered from fever last week and stopped to take it then. I have started to take it again. It is reasonably priced and I will definitely recommend this product to everyone.”

It’s a great product

“I am still not sure but I will say that altogether green coffee bean is a doing a great job. I am a young male but I do not have the metabolism like any other guy and I always gain weight and maintain it easily. When I started to take green coffee beans for the last 5-6 weeks, I lost no weight. But I feel it aided me in maintaining my present weight and I appreciate it. I never exercise or follow any diet, so when my exams are over in the next week, I have a plan of starting to work out and then I can see how effective it will be when I am not living an inactive lifestyle. I think it will be helping me to lose my weight and considering the fact that I didn’t gain any such weight lately, I will say that overall it is worth it.”


Now that you have gone through the reviews of some of the users, it is time that you can add green coffee beans to your everyday diet. But visit a nutritionist or a health expert before taking it or its supplements for any health benefit. Never have too much as it will not be great for your health. Moreover if while or after taking green coffee beans you start to suffer from severe symptoms, get medical assistance and stop to take more than 2 cups daily.

How to remove acrylic nails?

How to remove acrylic nails?

Do you need to get off your acrylic nails? But you do not have much time and patience to visit the salon? If you remove acrylics forcefully it can also sometime remove your natural nail plate’s different layers. Usually it will result in thin, damaged and flimsy nails that will be lasting for several months before they start to grow out. It will be the best possible way. So if choose to remove it at home then you need know how to remove acrylic nails properly at home for any damage free removal.

Steps to remove acrylic nails

Acrylic nails looks very pretty. Unlike any gel or normal manicure, they are not only chip proof and life proof but if you be careful, they will be lasting for several weeks without any required touch ups. There is only one concern and that is how to remove acrylic nails.There are some tried as well as true methods when it is related to removing acrylic nails at your home. Regardless of you are sporting a French manicure on your faux nails or tried jelly nails, you can choose from the below mentioned removal options.

Use acetone soak off

1st Step: Clip off the excess acrylics carefully. Cut them close to the real nails.

2nd Step: Use any nail buffer to rough up the polish surface till the shine gets off completely. Remove the top layer and let the polish become soft quickly in acetone.

3rd Step: Pour acetone in a tray or any bowl. Then soak the nails properly in it for 5 minutes.

4th Step: Use a metal cuticle pusher and gently push off the polish from your nails by pushing downwards from the cuticles.

5th Step: Re-dip the nails for another 5 minutes and push again gently. Repeat it till the acrylics have soaked off completely.

6th Step: Buff the remaining smaller pieces with a nail buffer.

7th Step: Massage your nails gently with cuticle oil for rehydrating them. Then buff it well into the nails by using the soft side of your buffer. At last apply another layer of the cuticle oil.

Use electric file or nail bit

1st Step: Be careful and sand down your acrylics gently with one sanding bit, by taking off the acrylics’ top layer.

2nd Step: After this soak one cotton swab with acetone and wrap it properly around the nails. Cover it completely with tinfoil and let all your fingers swaddle in foil.

3rd Step: After 15-20minutes, unwrap your soaked fingers and remove your excess acrylic with one cuticle pusher.

4th Step: Rinse off your hands and then apply a fine quality cuticle oil.

Use acetone along with plastic bags:

1ST Step: Cut off your acrylic nails by getting as close as your real nails without snipping off.

2nd Step: Pour acetone in a large Ziploc plastic bag and fill it up in such a way that you can submerge your nails fully.

3rd Step: Tilt the plastic bag to one side in order to pool acetone into one of corner of the bag. Then put your hand inside the bag and let your acrylic nails get soaked in the acetone.

4th Step: Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes and then start scraping off your acrylics gently with the help of any wooden cuticle stick.

5th Step: If the acrylics are not pushing off easily then try to re-soak them again for 5 more minutes and then try it again.

6th Step: Buff off remaining residue for getting a great finish.

So now that you are aware of how to remove acrylic nails, try removing them at home.

Different types of heels that every woman must be aware of 2021

Different types of heels that every woman must be aware of

The perfect type of heels will be boosting your confidence, transforming your looks and making heads turn once you enter any room. The main question is which one will be the best pair for you. When it is about buying the best types of heels, the shopping options are huge than you may think. Regardless of if you are looking for classy stilettos, graceful pumps or trendy boots, ensure that the fashion world will have you completely covered.  So when you select the next pair of heels, these are different types you must be aware of.

Various types of heels

Most of the women can only differentiate between three or four various types of heels. But there are a lot more types and most of these heels have already crossed your path. To enhance your fashion sense, here is a list of the some of the popular types of heels:

Block Heel

This type of heels will not only look very stylish but a solid heel will also tend to balance the weight of your body much better than thinner heels. They will be taking any little pressure off your foot’s front and it will add much comfort to your foot.

High Heel

High heels are available in different shapes as well as heights. Each heel of four inches and more come under this category. The most usual type of footwear that is worn with taller heels is stilettos, pumps as well as heeled sandals.

Square Heel

Square heels are exactly same as block heels. They are on the thicker side and usually rectangular shaped. This type of heels look extra stylish when combined with pumps with pointy pair but square heels is also present on booties and other types of shoes.


Pumps are classic heels. Every woman should own at least one such pair. Black and nude pumps are a timeless possession and they will be ideal for any workplace and can be combined effortlessly with a pair of denims or any dress for social get-togethers.

Wedge heels

You must be thinking that comfort and heels, these two words probably do not go together very well. But wedge heels will make you feel the other way. If you sport a wedge heel, you will see that the wedged sole will evenly distribute the weight for a comfortable experience and also add a fashionable touch.


Stiletto heels look very sexy. But you need to be an experienced walker to wear a stiletto with 3-4 inches height or any ultra slim heel.

Lace up heels

This type of heels has originated from classic ballerina or the gladiator sandal. A classic ballerina heel will be carrying a graceful, feminine vibe and a gladiator sandal with heels will be reinforcing a powerful as well as sexy tone.

Ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels are usually fastened with the help of a strap around your ankle that is frequently but not usually combined with any slingback strap for additional security.

So now you can create the perfect list of the types of heels you want by having a look at all the popular pairs mentioned above.

Colours that look perfect on dusky skin 2021

Colours that look perfect on dusky skin

Nowadays, the world is smitten with women with dusky skin. From Beyonce to Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone these dusky beauties are currently ruling the world. Dusky skin tone is actually a beautiful shade that most of the Indian women are blessed with. Their skin tones come with warm undertones with a beautiful and attractive touch. But unfortunately many women do not understand it and worry over selecting shades that will perfectly suit them. But there are some colours that will look great only on dusky skin.

A list of perfect colours for women with dusky skin

Here is a list of some of the perfect colours that look perfect on dusky skin. So have a look at how many shades you already have in your closet.


It is a great match for dusky skin toned women. A simple grey daily wear as well as a party wear in grey shade with little glitter will look perfect on dusky skin.

Teal blue

It is a trendy colour. Women are talking a lot about this blue shade and each and every woman must have teak blue outfits in their closet. It being an unusual colour will look modish on everyone who sports it.


Purple is a beautiful colour. But since dusky skin tone has a warmer undertone, it is recommended to look for deeper colours of the exact shade. So rather than trying lavender, wear aubergine outfit that includes a touch of red combined in it.


Red will suit everyone as it is known to be a universal colour.  This colour is custom-made for dusky skin. You can give a try to a huge range of various reds be it bright one or those mixed with orange. Put on a red skater dress with a red lipstick and flaunt your beauty.


Do you feel that yellow will not suit your dusky skin? Then understand that it will suit more on your skin tone compared to the fair tones. Yellow will look very pretty on dusky skin and they will fall in love with their individual skin tone.


If you love the colour black but not sure if it will look great on your dusky skin tone, then try styling it with various fabrics. Remember to mix chiffons, nets as well as fabrics such as leather together in a single look. It will make black colour look bold and also sexy on your skin tone.

Red wine

A red colour with a touch of wine tone or a deep maroon shade will perfectly complement dusky skin. These shades being dark and not blingy will look beautiful on dusky women.


A white dress will look flawless on dusky skin tone. This colour will be complementing the sun-kissed tone in an amazing way. You can look ravishing by wearing a completely white attire. Remember to not wear fabrics like polyester and lycra. Chiffon, cotton and linen attires in white will look great like an off white and slightly beige white.

So the next time you get ready for a dinner date or your workplace, do not think much. Include and wear outfits in the above mentioned colours to create a style statement in your beautiful dusky skin tone. 

The complete guide on how to apply blush 2021

The complete guide on how to apply blush

Have you been thinking that there is only way of applying blush? Then think again. Similar to lipsticks and eyeliners, blush too can be used for achieving various aesthetics on the basis of how as well as where it has been applied. The main key is you need to know how to apply blush correctly to get the perfect results. So read along to become an expert in applying your blush.

Prepare your skin perfectly

If you wish to make the blush blend properly in your skin and last longer, then remember to wash as well as moisturize your face at first. Always keep your skin clean, healthy, exfoliated as well as supple. It will let makeup blend in perfectly and stay for longer. Begin by using a primer that will prepare your skin and add a base to your makeup. You can also add your blush above your face foundation or tinted moisturizer for making your skin tone even as well as aid in giving your blush something for sticking to.

Select a shade ideal for your skin tone

When it comes to how to apply blush, you must select the ideal shade for flattering your skin tone. Anything that is very dark or bright will age you rather than adding warmth and youthful glow. The aim is selecting a shade that is very close to your natural complexion. The best way of figuring it out is by pinching your cheeks. If you have a very fair skin then choose light pink blush shades and for light medium skin, a peachy pink blush shade will be perfect. Brighter pinks are great for golden skin tones and brighter hues for darker complexion.

Get hold of the correct formula for your skin type

Choosing the correct blush formula is something more than picking just the perfect shade. You must find the ultimate formula of blush too. Blushes are available in powders, creams as well as stains. Women with oily skin can look out for a blush stain. Creamy formulas of blush are perfect for normal and combination skin as they stay for longer. Women with dry skin can opt for a powder blush formula.

Apply according to your face shape

Understand your face shape and learn how to apply blush accordingly.

Heart shaped face: Women with heart shaped faces will have wider forehead and tapered chin. To make your heart shaped face look flatter, apply blush below the apples of the cheeks and layer on your bronzer’s top if you want. Then blend well outward in circles towards your face’s edge and near the hairline. It will be balancing your features and add colours to your cheeks.

Square shaped face: If you have a square shaped face, then your jaw as well as cheekbones will be defined and also structured equally. Always skip apples of the cheeks and apply the blush below your cheekbone, only above your bronzer application and sweep outward in circles towards your hairline for blending and lifting your face.

Oval shaped face: These faces are usually longer down instead of across. The chin along with the jawbone is usually rounded. For applying blush onto such face, apply the colour above as well as over the cheekbones and sweep out in circles for a much natural flush.

Rectangle shaped face: Rectangle and square shaped faces are quite similar. Only rectangle shaped faces have their face length longer than their face width. Apply your blush to the cheekbones directly to make your face flatter. Keep the colour just above at the place where your nose tip ends. Blend well out as well as upward in circles towards your hairline.

Round shaped face: These face shapes are same as oval shaped faces. Only difference is that the length is almost equal to the face’s width rather than slightly longer. For making this type of face flatter, apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks as well as start to blend outward towards your hairline.

Blend perfectly

If you apply blush only in the right areas it is never enough. You must ensure that it blends well too. Make use of any damp sponge or any stiff brush for blending your blush in your face perfectly. Your blush must be mimicking a natural flush and not clown your makeup. Blend the colour well with not a single harsh line and adding attractive shiny colour.

Hold a tissue to set the blush

You can use a translucent powder for setting your makeup. But it will add a dull look to your skin mostly if your skin becomes dry. So try to blot the blush by making use of a tissue. Hold it to the cheek and press lightly with your makeup sponge. It will be absorbing any additional product without making your glow dull.

So regardless of which blush colour and formula you select always remember how to apply blush correctly and select colours as well as styles that will excite you.

What are the benefits of sesame seeds? 2021

Sesame seeds come with potential nutritional benefits. They can reduce blood pressure, improve heart condition, build stronger bones and so on. Benefits of sesame seeds also include sleep disorder cure, improved digestion, decreased inflammation and boosting of respiratory health. The huge range of benefits of sesame seeds is mentioned below:

Wonderful for skin as well as hair

Sesame seeds have been used for a long time for aiding to prolong beauty. It was used as an oil. Sesame seeds carry several vitamin B complexes that are vital for different body parts such as eyes, hair as well as skin. These Vitamin B complexes are folic acid, riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine and niacin.These seeds also contain zinc that is an important component in collagen formation. Collagen strengthens muscle tissue, hair as well as skin. Vitamin E is also present in sesame oil that helps in reducing any appearance of burns as well as marks present on the skin along with premature aging signs. Plant polyphenols present in sesame seeds help in promoting healthy hair. The oil is massaged gently in the scalp for reducing premature greying as well as boosting growth of hair as vitamins as well as minerals are present in it. Other than thesebenefits of sesame seeds, amino acids along with antioxidants present in sesame oil aids in bringing back the lost shine in your dull hair.

Includes health boosting mineral

It contains all essential mineral of copper, magnesium as well as calcium. It is vital that your body receives a daily dosage of such minerals because they come with various health benefits. Copper is great for individuals who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and magnesium for those who have respiratory problems.

Great protein as well as fibre source

Sesame seeds will provide protein as well as fibre to your body. The protein will be helping you in maintaining and developing muscles and the fibre will be aiding in supporting a healthy as well as balanced digestive system. Moreover if you add more fibre in your daily diet it will be lowering blood pressure, improving levels of blood cholesterol and reducing all inflammation that is closely linked to every atherosclerosis stages. Dietary fibre will also aid in controlling diabetes.

Makes bones strong

These seeds are wonderful source of calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese. All the minerals have a major role in aiding in maintain strong and healthy bones. If you eat sesame seeds daily it will help you in preventing osteoporosis and will make it a must inclusion of aged people’s diet. Copper helps in making RBC as well as promotes healthy connective tissue. Manganese is required for digestion as well as function of nerves. Magnesium aids in production of energy and calcium keeps blood clotting as well as hearts thumping.

Lowers cholesterol

Sesame seeds include phytosterols that are beneficial plant compound. These compounds are scientifically proven in lowering cholesterol. They come with significant benefits that foods are frequently strengthened with phytosterols. If you have lower levels of cholesterol it will be leading to other health benefits like decreased heart attack as well as stroke risks.Phytosterols that are rich in antioxidant are also seen in helping to protect against certain cancer development.

Bottom line

So if you wish to enjoy all the benefits of sesame seeds boost its consumption by adding it to your every diet.

Goji Cream is 100% Solution for Your skin problem Once 2021

Goji Cream Works 100%

Having healthy baby soft skin without any fine lines or wrinkles is on every woman’s mind with the passing of their youth. There are a number of creams in the market that claim to provide a wrinkle-free skin for the ladies but most of these fail to work and the skin ends up being damaged due to the harsh
chemicals present inside them. Going for homemade remedies only works when you have the time, patience and perfect natural ingredients necessary for preparation and more often than not, these ingredients are not available in the nearby departmental stores or supermarkets. One such ingredient is Goji Berry which helps in rejuvenating the skin cells and preventing signs of ageing. You can take advantage of this fruit and it’s numerous benefits by using the Goji Cream manufactured by Shavlik Herbals.

Goji Cream Full Review and How to Use it timely is Important:
Goji Cream is formulated for reviving dull skin and bringing a youthful glow to the face. It is an Ayurvedic product that is developed with a mixture of the goodness of Goji berries along with other herbs. The product helps in curing many skin problems that are a persisting problem with many women like fine
lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, pimples, scars, crow’s feet and blemishes which form because of the dust, pollution, ultra violet rays that make the skin tissues weak and prone to these skin problems. The deficiency in the skin is fulfilled by the nutrition provided by the Goji Cream, giving the
skin a natural and fair glow and also aids in boosting the collagen levels. The product can also be used by men to ward off their similar skin problems. The product is hundred percent genuine and is suitable for every skin type without causing any side effects.

Goji Cream Rate :
The Goji Cream price in the market is Rs 1,990 for 50g product tube. The product is also available in a pack of two tubes available at a price of Rs. 3,980. Four tubes of Goji Cream price is of Rs. 7,960.

Method of Applying Goji Cream :
After the purchasing any kind of cosmetic item, we apply the product only after properly reading the directions and following the same. Even in the case of Goji cream, you should first read the instructions on the packaging and then apply the product onto your skin. You can easily apply the creamlike any other facial cream but following the steps given below will ensure that you get the best results out of using this product.

  1. Before applying the product on your face, make sure that it is completely clean and free from any makeup or impurities. A good way to clean the face is by using a cleanser or makeup removal wipes and then using a scrub to clean deep within the pores and free the skin from dirt.
  2. The next step is to take a little product out for application onto the finger tips and then applying it to the skin, gently massaging the product in areas with fine lines or wrinkles. This will help the skin in absorbing the product and for the product to work its way into the skin and repair it.
  3. The product will start showing quick results on regular applications and should be in continual use for at least three months in order to prevent the fine lines and wrinkles to form.

Order Goji Cream Online :
The hassle of searching for a product from store to store can be a bitter experience and also takes a lot of time. This the reason why ordering products online has become the new way of shopping that adds to the customer satisfaction and saves the customer from inconveniences of marketing, giving products at discounted rates and even saves plenty of time. Goji cream online order is the most convenient way to get hold of the cream and this can be purchased at much lower prices from the MRP, thus cutting costs as well as saving the time required to look for the product in the market.

Goji Cream Amazon Price :
Goji Cream is available to buy online from Amazon which offers attractive discounts and cash backs using different payment methods. For a single tube of Goji Cream worth of Rs 1,990, you just have to pay Rs. 1,650 and this comes inclusive of the delivery charges. The pack of two Goji Cream comes at a discount of thirty percent and the pack of four Goji Creams is sold at a discounted rate of forty seven percent in Amazon.

ICICI bank members get an extra 15% discount on the product, Amazon pay balance customers get an additional five percent cash back, ten percent cash returns for RuPay customers and customers with GST invoices save twenty eight percent of the product amount on their business buys.

The Goji Cream is reviewed by Amazon customers who have positive things to share about the cream after a minimum usage of three months that helps in identifying the goodness of the product.

An Ending Thought
Even though there are innumerable cosmetic products available on sale by companies both online as
well as in the markets, Goji Cream is the best option to go for. Since it is a pure blend of all natural
ingredients, there are no problems of side effects from this product. The product is also beneficial for all
the people suffering from the dark and dull skin and who are in constant worry of getting wrinkles on
their skin. Getting glowy, wrinkle- free skin is now simple because of Goji Cream’s easy application
method. Ordering the Goji cream at an online store like Amazon is very advantageous as there are heavy
discounts especially on bulk orders like the pack of four Goji Creams. Additional discounts are also
offered to selected bank customers and the product is delivered at your own convenience. Hence,
getting the youthful skin is now easy without spending out on expensive skin treatments and surgeries
by using the extremely effective Goji cream.