Can green coffee beans aid you in losing weight?


Can green coffee beans aid you in losing weight?

Can green coffee beans aid you in losing weight?
Can green coffee beans aid you in losing weight?

Obesity is a massive problem in this world. It is one such condition that gets linked with several other states that are collectively called metabolic syndrome. These are weak blood lipid profile, high blood pressure, as well as increased blood sugar. If you have metabolic syndrome, then you are at a much higher risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes in comparison to those people who have a healthy weight. Many types of research get focused on the obesity causes and the ways it can get prevented or treated.

However, some factors lead to weight gain, obesity, as well as metabolic diseases such as genetics, junk food, certain medications, sugar, and many other factors.

You may find it impossible to control the way your body works, but you can learn to control your eating habits as well as bring a change in your lifestyle. Controlling weight gain is within an individual’s power.

It often requires much hard work along with a huge lifestyle change. But many people succeed in doing so, despite many odds against them.

Is losing weight very difficult? Maybe because of this, people have become dependent on different types of supplements and other products for making things easier. A green coffee bean is one such product that gets used by many for weight loss.

What are green coffee beans?


The unroasted seeds of Coffea fruits are the green coffee beans. The process of roasting decreases the amounts of chemical chlorogenic acid. Thus green coffee beans come with a higher content of chlorogenic acid in comparison to regular and roasted coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid present in green coffee includes excellent health benefits too. Various studies show that caffeine can boost the rate of metabolism by 3-11%. Chlorogenic acid, the main ingredient present in green coffee beans, is responsible for the effects that get related to weight loss.

What are the uses of green coffee beans?


  • High blood pressure: Many researchers suggested that if you take green coffee beans daily for 4-12 weeks, then it will reduce your blood pressure. It is capable of treating mild as well as untreated high blood pressure as it contains 50-140 mg of chlorogenic acids. Your systolic blood pressure will get lowered by 5mmHg-10mmHg. On the other hand, diastolic blood pressure will get reduced by 3mmHg-7mmHg.
  • Obesity: Adults who suffer from obesity can take green coffee beans five times every day for 8-12 weeks. You can choose it alone or with any regular coffee product. They will be losing an average of 2.5-3.7kg more weight than any people taking a placebo or any regular coffee.
  • Alzheimer’s disease: The essential component of green coffee improves the function of the brain via mood improvements, reaction time, as well as memory. Moreover, as green coffee never contains too much caffeine like tea or coffee, it keeps individuals away from getting any jittery feeling that they frequently get from too much intake of caffeine. Thus green coffee beans eventually provide means of curing Alzheimer’s disease. It helps in disrupting the building of plaques in the brain as this causes the cells to die. This aids in leading to a cure for this disease.
  • Type 2 diabetes: Scientific evidence states that drinking coffee can assist you in decreasing any risk of developing diabetes. Green or unroasted coffee beans consist more of the chemical that gets to control diabetes than the standard black or roasted coffee beans. So drinking coffee made with green coffee beans will reduce the risk associated with type 2 diabetes.

How to use green coffee beans?


Ensure that the brand you have selected contains pure green coffee beans extract. Check well if they contain any additives, fillers, cellulose, and binders. Organic products are the best as they make sure that no chemical usage is there in the growth of the coffee beans.  People with history related to caffeine sensitivity or any heart problem should get in touch with a doctor first. You can drink green coffee beans in a latte or pour it over some ice. You can taste it also in a tiramisu. You can drink it by blending it in a green smoothie too. Add some coffee with green coffee beans to your smoothie in the morning.

The suitable dosage of green coffee depends on many factors like the age, health, and body weight of an individual, your present health, tolerance of caffeine along with several other conditions. You should remember that natural products are not necessarily safe always. So dosages are vital.

The dosage depends on the chlorogenic acid’s concentration in your green coffee beans. So the higher its strength, the less you need to consume it.

How does green coffee bean work?


Since there is no roasting of green coffee beans, they contain a higher amount of chemical chlorogenic acid. It is going to be beneficial for your health. If you have high blood pressure, then it will affect blood vessels to decrease your blood pressure.

When it comes to weight loss, chlorogenic acid found in green coffee beans affects the way the body takes care of blood sugar as well as metabolism.

Is green coffee beans beneficial?


  1. Helps with weight reduction: Green coffee beans come with a power of inducing weight loss. Chlorogenic acid present in the coffee beans aids the body in burning glucose as well as stored body fat, minimizes carbohydrates absorption along with improves cholesterol. Studies have shown that green coffee beans benefit us as caffeine assists in boosting metabolism that aids the body in losing weight or maintaining healthy body weight. If you drink caffeinated coffee, then there will an increase of 16% in your metabolism over those individuals who drink decaffeinated coffee.
  2. Makes blood sugar reasonable: Inflammation has a positive effect on the levels of blood sugar. It usually aids in lowering this. Moreover, the green coffee bean is capable of reducing the accumulation of fat, along with resistance to insulin. It will also cause a reduction in glucose absorption in people with obesity. The ability of green coffee bean to aid in normalizing or lowering high levels of blood sugar can also reduce any risk associated with type 2 diabetes.
  3. Deals with anti-aging: Green bean coffee contains several antioxidant properties. Most of which are responsible for slowing down the aging effects. It provides a high concentration of chlorogenic acid, and thus it lowers redness that gets associated with too much exposure to sunlight. Caffeine also has anti-aging properties. It will limit photodamage, reduce skin roughness along with the formation of wrinkle as well as reduce crow’s feet’s appearance.
  4. Management and prevention of disease: The antioxidants present in it also help in fighting against all those damaging free radicals present in the body. Free radicals help in sickness and cancer development. According to a study, chlorogenic acid antioxidants have the potential of preventing the proliferation of 4 types of cancer cells. Thus it was also suggested that green coffee bean might aid in cancer prevention.

What are the cons of taking green coffee beans?


  1. It can cause caffeine overdose if you consume it too much.
  2. It can cause or increase abnormalities related to heart rhythm in individuals with issues related to the heart.
  3. If you are caffeine sensitive, then it can cause symptoms such as acid reflux, sleep problems, constipation, and IBS.

Does it come with any side effect?


Green coffee is safe when taken orally. It is vital to understand that it contains caffeine similar to regular coffee. So it can lead to caffeine related side effects like coffee.

Insomnia, restlessness, stomach upset, nervousness, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, along with breathing, are some of the common side effects. If you consume large amounts of coffee, it may cause headache, agitation, irregular heartbeat, and anxiety.

Can anyone take green coffee beans?


There are some conditions during which consumption of green coffee beans must get avoided. For instance, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using it as there is no trustworthy information related to the safety of consuming green coffee. Caffeine present in green coffee can make your anxiety worse. Intake of a high level of chlorogenic acid for a short time can get linked with conditions like heart disease. It can also worsen the condition of bleeding and diarrhea. Caffeine present in green coffee will increase eye pressure. It starts within half an hour and lasts for at least 90 minutes. If you have high blood pressure, then do not take green coffee beans as the caffeine found in it will increase blood pressure.

Final Words

So switch to green coffee beans and include it in your daily diet. If you are planning to take green coffee beans or its supplements sooner for health benefits, then consult a nutritionist or any health expert. Do not over consume it as too much intake is also not good for your health. Further, if you suffer from any severe symptoms, take medical help, and avoid taking more than 2 cups of it every day.


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