What are the benefits of sesame seeds?

By | January 18, 2019

What are the benefits of sesame seeds?

Sesame seeds come with potential nutritional benefits. They can reduce blood pressure, improve heart condition, build stronger bones and so on. Benefits of sesame seeds also include sleep disorder cure, improved digestion, decreased inflammation and boosting of respiratory health. The huge range of benefits of sesame seeds is mentioned below:

What are the benefits of sesame seeds?

What are the benefits of sesame seeds?

Wonderful for skin as well as hair


Sesame seeds have been used for a long time for aiding to prolong beauty. It was used as an oil. Sesame seeds carry several vitamin B complexes that are vital for different body parts such as eyes, hair as well as skin. These Vitamin B complexes are folic acid, riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxine and niacin.These seeds also contain zinc that is an important component in collagen formation. Collagen strengthens muscle tissue, hair as well as skin. Vitamin E is also present in sesame oil that helps in reducing any appearance of burns as well as marks present on the skin along with premature aging signs. Plant polyphenols present in sesame seeds help in promoting healthy hair. The oil is massaged gently in the scalp for reducing premature greying as well as boosting growth of hair as vitamins as well as minerals are present in it. Other than thesebenefits of sesame seeds, amino acids along with antioxidants present in sesame oil aids in bringing back the lost shine in your dull hair.


Includes health boosting mineral


It contains all essential mineral of copper, magnesium as well as calcium. It is vital that your body receives a daily dosage of such minerals because they come with various health benefits. Copper is great for individuals who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and magnesium for those who have respiratory problems.


Great protein as well as fibre source


Sesame seeds will provide protein as well as fibre to your body. The protein will be helping you in maintaining and developing muscles and the fibre will be aiding in supporting a healthy as well as balanced digestive system. Moreover if you add more fibre in your daily diet it will be lowering blood pressure, improving levels of blood cholesterol and reducing all inflammation that is closely linked to every atherosclerosis stages. Dietary fibre will also aid in controlling diabetes.

Makes bones strong

These seeds are wonderful source of calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium and manganese. All the minerals have a major role in aiding in maintain strong and healthy bones. If you eat sesame seeds daily it will help you in preventing osteoporosis and will make it a must inclusion of aged people’s diet. Copper helps in making RBC as well as promotes healthy connective tissue. Manganese is required for digestion as well as function of nerves. Magnesium aids in production of energy and calcium keeps blood clotting as well as hearts thumping.

Lowers cholesterol

Sesame seeds include phytosterols that are beneficial plant compound. These compounds are scientifically proven in lowering cholesterol. They come with significant benefits that foods are frequently strengthened with phytosterols. If you have lower levels of cholesterol it will be leading to other health benefits like decreased heart attack as well as stroke risks.Phytosterols that are rich in antioxidant are also seen in helping to protect against certain cancer development.

Bottom line

So if you wish to enjoy all the benefits of sesame seeds boost its consumption by adding it to your every diet.


Benefits of Sesame seeds

Benefits of Sesame seeds

Benefits of Sesame seeds

Sesame is the first oil seeds which are known to humans. Sesame seeds are very rich in fiber and which is amazing for digestive function. Sesame seeds offer most nutritional value and comprises of preventative as well as therapeutic properties.

Health benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame seeds present amazing health benefits as they are fully packed with a range of nutrients.  The amazing nutritional content of Sesame seeds comprises of copper, magnesium, phosphorous, fiber, manganese as well as Vitamin B1. Sesame seeds are very beneficial to treat many health conditions and prove that sometimes small supplements can offer much more than bigger ones. There are numerous health benefits of sesame oil too. Below we have listed some amazing health benefits of Sesame seeds; they are as follows:

  • Reduce Hypertension

As per research studies, oil of sesame seeds reduces hypertension and which in turn reduces the pressure of cardiovascular system. Sesame seeds contain magnesium which is known to be the agent that minimizes blood pressure and acts as a vasodilator.

  • Prevent cancer

Sesame seeds contain minerals as well as vitamins, and these two nutrients are very helpful to reduce the risk of cancer. The presence of magnesium as well as phytate, which is a cancer-preventing compound and works as an antioxidant in the body. Positive acts of sesame seeds help to reduce the risk of the specific type of cancers such as breast, lung, leukaemia, prostate, colon as well as pancreatic.

  • Deal with diabetes

Sesame seeds manage diabetes and are very helpful in reducing the chances of diabetes. The components present in sesame seeds like magnesium helps to control the diabetes symptoms in patients. Sesame oil is also beneficial for the type 2 diabetes patients. It assists in regulating the insulin as well as glucose levels in the human body.

  • Enhance bone health

Presence of essential minerals in sesame seeds is very beneficial to boost the bone health. Mineral-like calcium, phosphorous as well as zinc assist the creating of new bones matter and also help to repair the damage bones too. Sesame seeds are also helpful for osteoporosis patients.

  • Perk up digestion

Sesame seeds contain fiber, and it is known to be the best nutrient for healthy metabolism. The fiber-rich food bulks up the bowel movements and assists to move smoothly through the digestive track. Consumption of Sesame seeds reduces constipation, diarrhea, protect colon and also reduce gastrointestinal diseases.

  • Trim down inflammation

Sesame seeds have a higher content of copper and owing to which it reduces inflammation in bones, muscles as well as joints. Sesame seeds are beneficial in reducing arthritis pain and also strengthen the bones, blood vessels as well as joints.

  • Shield against radiation

Sesame seeds contain an organic compound named sesamol, and it is very helpful in protecting against harmful radiation effects. These radiations can reach the body from chemotherapy or else radiotherapy which is mandatory in the treatment of cancer. Sesame seeds boost strength by protecting the body against radiation and also decrease the chances of contracting with another type of cancers.

  • Perk up oral health

Sesame seeds have a positive and powerful effect on oral health. Generally, in the process of oil pulling, sesame oil is used owing to its antibacterial properties as well as astringent effect. Sesame seed oil is very useful in reducing the common bacteria which could be harmful to oral health.

  • Cure for anemia

Black sesame seeds are beneficial to cure anemia as it is fully packed with iron. Sesame seeds are known to be the most recommended home remedies to treat anemia along with many other iron deficient troubles. Sesame seed offers about 30 percent of your daily requirement for iron.

  • Improve eye health

Sesame seeds are best for eye health, and sesame seeds are known as the natural way to cure eye related troubles. It is also supposed to be the best liver tonics recommended. Sesame seeds are beneficial to treat sore eyes, blurred vision as well as tired eyes. Sesame oil massage is also known to be the best remedy for dark circles as well as wrinkles.

  • Good for pregnant mothers

Sesame seeds in recommended quantity are beneficial in pregnancy. It is also known as the best way to maintain calcium levels during pregnancy. However, it is one of the things avoided by pregnant women at the initial stage of pregnancies but if taken in recommend quantity will prove to be beneficial for the fetus.

Allergies and side effects related to sesame seeds

Sesame is offering numerous health benefits but always keep in mind that everything should be consumed in moderation. Excessive consumption of sesame seeds can prove to be harmful to health. Excessive consumption of sesame seeds leads to the colon as well a bowel irritation. Thus, moderate consumption of sesame seeds is recommended.  Many people are allergic to sesame seeds, and so they should not avoid eating sesame seeds. Sensitivity as well as reaction to sesame seeds can depend from person to person. Symptoms of sesame allergy can range from mild to severe depends on the body. Same as sesame seeds people are also allergic to sesame oil and the signs of sesame oil allergy depends on whether you have ingested on or applied to the skin.

Sesame seeds are proved to be very healthy for the body and owing to this it is popular in culinary preparations. Sesame seed is tiny but are fully packed with amazing health benefits and is known as a significant health punch.





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