A Woman’s Life review – gossamer frocks and polite feminism

A Woman’s Life review – gossamer frocks and polite feminism

A Woman's Life review – gossamer frocks and polite feminism
A Woman’s Life review – gossamer frocks and polite feminism

Stéphane Brizé’s amount drama trots on sort of a reliable chestnut mare, tugging steady behind it the story of a sensitive inheritor UN agency marries a scum bag

Adapted from Delawaregree|associate} 1883 novel by Guy de Henri Rene Albert Guy de Maupassant, this era drama feels as if it had been designed to please the palates of Franco-cinephiles with a issue for gossamer frocks, polite literary feminism and boxlike side ratios.

In the hands of director Stéphane Brizé (The live of a Man), the film trots on sort of a reliable chestnut mare, tugging behind it at steady if somewhat soporific pace the story of a sensitive inheritor, Jeanne (endearing Judith Chemla), UN agency marries a scum bag with a enthusiast title (Swann Arlaud). because the years pass, admired and fewer admired ones die, farms and estate holdings square measure sold off and youngsters create dangerous investments that ruin fortunes, all heaping a lot of unhappiness on our resilient heroine.

What saves this from being a boring depressant is that the lightness of bit within the direction and performances, the naturalness of the dialogue as characters discuss dress styles or social unit expenditure. because the title need to counsel, this can be a piece considerably involved with the ordinary accumulation of very little moments that comprise a life, though it’s not associate degree particularly uncommon one. pro re nata by classical 19th-century humanist realism, the heroine is neither totally smart or totally dangerous, however the kind of long-suffering bride you may still realize these days in fashionable dress.

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