786 Japanese Baby Names With Meanings


786 Japanese Baby Names With Meanings


Japan, one in all the foremost developed countries in Asia, doesn’t simply have a protracted and attractive history. It conjointly features a slew of lovable names in addition.

Japanese names don’t simply embody ancient Japanese beliefs, however conjointly echo their creative forms like horticulture verse form poetry, design, and therefore the noble lifestyles like the Samurai Bushido Code. Some names conjointly replicate the birth order. Taro, as an example, suggests that ‘the first-born male’. however whether or not you decide on a conventional Japanese name or a contemporary one, its that means in Japanese could be a heap doubtless to be advanced. That’s as a result of one Japanese name will have a inordinateness of meanings.

Another necessary issue to notice is that in Japan, a baby is given a casual name six days when the birth. once the kid turns sixteen, he’s given a proper name, applied in an exceedingly correct naming ceremony.

Below, is ‘s list of many Japanese baby names in conjunction with their meanings. Browse the tool to order your most favorite names and make your baby name list.

Emica this name suggests that charming or blessed and exquisite. Girl
Haruto Spring; Sunny; Clear Up Radiance; Sunshine; Sunlight Boy
Hiroto Fly far; massive Flight Boy
Itsuki Timber tree Boy
Kana Kana suggests that The One United Nations agency Has the facility, Powerful Girl
Kei Kei name suggests that sq. Jewel, Blessing, Wise Unisex
Koharu Koharu suggests that Late Summer Girl
Kokoro Heart, Mind, Emotions, Feelings Girl
Minato Harbour or Port Boy
Mio A lovely cherry blossom, or a gorgeous thread Girl
Nozomi Reliable, dependable, trust worthy. Girl
Ren The love of the lotus Unisex
Souta A abrupt sound of the wind Boy
Tsumugi Pongee a soft material made of threads of silk, Spinning, Request, Beseech Girl
Yamato Great harmony Boy
Youta Great sunlight Boy
Yuuma Gentle, Truthful, Honest Boy
Yuuto Gentleness or Tender person Boy
Ahmya In Japanese it suggests that black rain. In Spanish it suggests that higher ground Girl
Aia One United Nations agency is known, ruler of the house Girl
Aika “Love song”. Girl
Aiko love, affection Girl
Ainu Goddess of Fertility; Human like; Girl
Aito sea, ocean combined with æ – – (to) that refers to a Chinesee constellation, or ç¿” (to) that means “soar, fly” Boy
Akane Madder; red dye Girl
Akari Light; Brightness Girl
Aki Japanese – Sparkle; Autumn; Bright; Clear; Morning Sun; Smart; a brief sort of name Akira Girl
Akiara A bright person Unisex
Akiko Clear, crystal or bright; sparkling and exquisite fall season Girl
Akio Bright Man, Manly, Hero Boy
Akira Bright, Clear and intelligent being Girl
Akito Bright person; United Nations agency is like fall season Unisex
Arata A recent and new individual Boy
Asahi Morning Sun Boy
Asami Morning beauty Girl
Asas Physician and a healer; a gorgeous morning Boy
Asuga Swift sort of a wind Girl
Asuka Perfume or the fragrance of tomorrow Girl
Aya An angel United Nations agency is aware of magic Girl
Ayaka A colored flower; scented Girl
Ayame Iris; the one United Nations agency will see perfectly Girl
Ayane A colourful sound; they’re wonderful Girl
Ayeka They have fast and analytical mind Girl
Bashira Joyful; Predictor of excellent News Girl
Benjiro Enjoys Peace Boy
Chiaki Sparkling light Girl
Chibi Japanese – Short Person or little Child Boy
Chiharu Springs and clear skies Unisex
Chihiro Thousand springs Girl
Chika Filled showing wisdom and intellect Girl


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