70 Evil, evil spirit And Demon Baby Names – Any Takers?


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70 Evil, evil spirit And Demon Baby Names – Any Takers?

Evil, evil spirit And Demon Baby Names

Sounding smart and nice all the time is boring. it’s fun to be evil and mischievous currently then. Applying an equivalent logic to baby names, a deviation from the norm of naming your toddler once associate degree angel, or a Greek god provides you with loads of selections. they’re therefore completely different and distinctive that your kid can stand out where they are going.

Think about a reputation to celebrate the dark, magical, and supernatural characters. Sinister baby names square measure neither stodgy nor boring. they’re up-to-date and various fun. Below is our list of evil, evil spirit and demon baby names to inspire you. Take a look!

Demon And Evil Names For Boys:

  1. Azazel:
    In Hebrew, the word Azazel means that the ‘scapegoat or total removal.The Bible uses Azazel to confer with the putting to death goat, that helped make amends for the people’s sins. additional recently, Azazel became to be referred to as the goat-demon. different terms that confer with Azazel embrace the disreputable ‘Angel of Death’.
  2. Diabolos:
    Diabolos may be a Greek mythological name that means ‘slanderer or eristic.’ per the Bible, Satan’s tile is Diabolos. supernatural being is that the aristocrat of demons and also the epitome of evil. he’s one World Health Organization takes man any removed from God and encourages U.S.A. to sin.
  3. Abigor:
    Abigor is one amongst the few handsome demons. He seems as a dashing knight with nice powers concerning wars. Abigor is that the ruler of sixty legions of the Hell.
  4. Ravana:

Ravana is that the primary antagonist within the Hindu epic Ramayana. He was the demon king of Ceylon, World Health Organization abducted Rama’s partner, Sita. The that means of Ravana is ‘man with 10 heads’. although Ravana may be a demon, he’s worshiped in some elements of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, India, and land, in all probability as a result of he was one amongst the foremost revered devotees of Lord Shiva.

  1. Samael:
    According to human story, Samael, higher referred to as the Death, may be a fallen angel. he’s the chief seducer, accuser, and destroyer. Samael is additionally known as the chief of the Dragons of Evil and aristocrat of Darkness. Samael is each kind and cruel and was once a heavenly host. He lorded over ‘Sheba Ha-yechaloth’, or the seven habitations. His sphere of influence extends to the infernal realm additionally. he’s additionally said the serpent World Health Organization tempted Eve to eat the enticement.
  2. Satan:

Satan was the habitual enemy of God. supernatural being is Greek for sata, a Hebrew word, which suggests ‘adversary.’The Hebrew term ‘satan’ is translated into the Greek word Diabolos.

  1. Seth:
    In Egyptian mythology, Seth was the god of Chaos, Desert, and storm. He’s additionally the evil god World Health Organization killed Egyptian deity. The name Seth is Greek for Set, associate degree Egyptian word, which suggests ‘the one World Health Organization dazzles.’
  2. Chernobog:
    In Slavic mythology, Chernobog is that the god of darkness and evil and is that the evil counterpart of the good and type Belbog. The that means of the name Chernobog is ‘black god’.
  3. Demogorgon:
    Demogorgon, in Greek mythology, is that the underworld’s god. Demogorgon is another soubriquet for supernatural being, and consists of the Greek word root demon, which suggests ‘demon’ and gorgos, which suggests ‘grim.’ Hence, it means that grim demon. Demogorgon is additionally envisaged as associate degree all-powerful primal being, whose name itself is taboo.
  4. Asmodeus:
    Asmodeus, the Hebrew devil of luxury and sexual desire is one amongst the seven princes of hell. he’s the first antagonist of the Deuterocanonical Books of Tobit. Asmodeus is additionally mentioned in Talmudic legends. The name Asmodeus comes from the Avestan language, wherever aesma means that ‘wrath’ and daeva means that ‘demon.’
  5. Addanc:
    In the Welsh legend, Addanc was the lake monster slain by fictitious character. it’s delineated multifariously as a dwarf, a demon, a crocodilian or a beaver. He would prey upon anyone World Health Organization was foolish enough to swim in its lake. the placement of its dwelling house additionally varies. Sometimes, it’s aforementioned to be Llyn Llion and typically Llyn twelvemonth Afanc.
  6. Baal-Berith:
    Baal-Berith was the Canaanite Lord of Covenant, World Health Organization later was a devil. He seems within the type of a soldier, sporting red vesture, and a golden crown and riding a red horse. He formally possessed a nun, however once the priest began the supernaturalism, the demon offered names of himself and every one the demons concerned within the possession. He even suggested that saints to invoke to oppose them.
  7. Apep:
    The Egyptian name Apep is connected to the basis pp, which suggests ‘to travel.’ In Egyptian mythology, Apep was the personification of evil World Health Organization was typically seen as a large serpent, snake or dragon. Apep is additionally known as the Evil Lizard or Serpent of the Nile River, and Apep was the enemy of Sun God.
  8. Morfran:
    Morfran is that the nice crow in Welsh mythology. It’s aforementioned that he was therefore ugly that his mother remunerated for it by ingraining nice knowledge in him.
  9. Ahriman:
    Ahriman is that the Middle Persian spinoff of recent Persia Angra Mainyu, which suggests ‘devil or spirit.’ In Persian mythology, Ahriman was the name of the god of death, darkness and destruction and additionally the arch enemy of Ahura Mazda.
  10. Abaddon:
    Abaddon is that the Anglicized type of Greek word Abaddon, which suggests ‘ruination and destruction.’ within the New Testament, Abaddon is that the name of the place of destruction. Abaddon is additionally the name of the fallen angel of the bottomless pit- the Destroyer Apollyon. He blows the horn, that summons his allies on earth to hurt people that don’t have a seal on their foreheads.
  11. Jilaiya:
    Jilaiya was a demon happiness to Asian nation, World Health Organization flies within the night sort of a bird or bat to suck the blood of folk. She sleeps within the dark areas throughout the day and wakes at evenfall. Jilaiya may suck blood solely of individuals whose name it’s detected.
  12. Orusula:
    Orusula was a Costa Rican demon World Health Organization seems within the type of a large pig. simply giving your child this name may provide folk a fatal rash.
  13. Zagan:
    The 61st of the seventy two spirits and one amongst the fallen angels, Zagan was the king and President of Hell. He 1st seems as a bull with mythical monster wings, then as a person. because the leader, he commands a troop of vicious demons World Health Organization facilitate him in his wicked endeavors and also the thirty three legions of the damned. His infernal duties embrace turning water into wine, oil into the water, blood into oil and creating the fools wiser. He may additionally flip any metal into cash or coin.
  14. Aamon:
    Ammo is that the demon, the Grand Marquis of Hell and also the seventh spirit of Goetia. In demonology, Aamon was one amongst the assistants of Astaroths, World Health Organization additionally goes by an equivalent name. He governs the forty infernal legions and offers information to those that create associate degree alliance with supernatural being. don’t confuse him with the Egyptian god Amun.

Demon And Evil woman Names:

  1. Nimue:
    Nimue additionally known as Niniane was associate degree fictitious character magician. She evolved from a dependent maiden to a lady taking charge to avoid wasting and facilitate the boys round her. She isn’t entirely evil, however her role as a Delilah place her within the bandwagon.
  2. Batibat:
    Batibat is that the unforgiving demon from the Ilocano lore. this feminine nightmare demon causes death throughout sleep. Batibat takes the shape of associate degree recent, fat girl and takes refuge within the tree. She comes up-to-date with humans once the tree that they reside is cut and created into support post for the house.
  3. Hecate:
    Hecate is Latin for the Greek word Hekate, which suggests ‘worker from remote.’ per Greek mythology, Hecate is that the deity of the underworld, demons, graves, and black magic. She seduces men into wedding then conceives on her own terms in order that the kid she bears seems human on the skin and demon on the within.
  4. Lezabel:
    Iezabel is that the Greek word for the Hebrew Name Iyzebel, which suggests ‘chaste and intact.’ Iezabel was a queen, and King Ahab’s partner. She was torn to shreds by hounds, as prophesied by Elijah.
  5. Lamia:
    Lamia may be a monster World Health Organization kidnaps and later disembowels kids. evil spirit means that ‘large shark,’which is incredibly fitting to her temperament. In Latin, evil spirit means that ‘vampire’ and in Arabic, it means that ‘fiend.’
  6. Lilith:
    Lilith is Hebrew for the Sumerian name Lilitu, which suggests ‘of the night.’ per Hebrew story, Semitic deity is that the Mesopotamian storm demon and is accountable for diseases and death. per Semitic culture, Adam’s 1st partner was Semitic deity. however she disobeyed and left him. Semitic deity is additionally a term for ‘screech owl’.
  7. Pandora:
    Pandora is one amongst the foremost well-liked mythological characters of all time. it’s a Greek name, created employing a pan, which suggests ‘all’ and doron, which suggests ‘gift. Hence, the name mythical being means that ‘all gift.’ however that’s not sinister in the slightest degree, right? however within the Greek mythology, mythical being became the primary to unleash evil on the complete world.
  8. Mara:
    Mara may be a malefic feminine spook of the Scandinavian lore. She is that the primary reason behind nightmare in kids. It means that ‘bitter’ in Hebrew. Plus, Mara may be a demon in Buddhism that personified evil. She tried to seduce Gautama Buddha with the vision of gorgeous ladies World Health Organization is alleged to be her girl.
  9. Succubus:
    Succubus is one amongst the foremost powerful feminine demons. She is that the feminine counterpart of the male demon Incubus. Her sole purpose is to have interaction in amorous relations with men. She would attack whereas the boys were asleep.
  10. Qarinah:
    Qarinah may be a demon of the Arabian mythology. She is associate degree spirit qualitative analysis back to the traditional Egypt. folks with the clairvoyance will see these spirits within the type of a dog, cat or the other social unit pet. The demon can be frightful, however her name is charming.
  11. Ardat Lili:
    Ardat Lili may be a night demon or a young feminine spirit that attacks pregnant ladies and youngsters. It’s for this reason; the Jews write a formula on all corners of the birth chamber.
  12. Empusa:
    Empusa is that the wicked feminine with one leg of a donkey and also the different leg of brass. She pursues the travelers and chuck them. within the later incarnations, Empusa seems jointly of the monster species commanded by Hecate. She is additionally related to demigoddesses Mormo and evil spirit.
  13. Gorgon:
    Gorgon is that the personification of feminine mysteries and knowledge. She is that the creator of life, the defender and also the bringer of death. The name mythical creature comes from the Greek word gorgo, which suggests terrible.
  14. Lamashtu:
    Lamashtu is seven witches in one. This Mesopotamian mythology demon is related to the death of newborns and unhatched. She even kidnaps the youngsters whereas they’re feeding on their mothers. She would chew on their bones and suck their blood. Lamashtu is additionally charged with some evil deeds. Lamashtu was pictured a mythological hybrid with a lioness’ head, a furry body, donkey’s teeth and ears and long and bony fingers.
  15. Lilitu:
    Lilitu is that the feminine counterpart of Lilu. She is one amongst the demon triad shaped by Lilu. This demon has goat hooves, goat horns, and a curving tail. however her eyeless face is that the most annoying feature.
  16. Yuki Onna:
    Yuki Onna is that the irresistible phantom related to snowstorms. She seems throughout the storms as a pretty and tall girl with blue lips and black hair. His clear skin makes her mix well into the snowy landscape. She lures the young men to the remote areas with the motive of drinking their blood and freeze them solid.
  17. Jezebeth:
    Jezebeth is that the demon of the falsehoods. She preys on the weak and angry humans. She finds ill-natured humans, and once they furnish into their anger, she adds hearth to the flame. she will be able to even follow the person for his or her whole life, hoping that he or she would get angry before long. Jezebeth additionally encompasses a partner named Jessabelle, World Health Organization is opposite to her.
  18. Kasdeya:
    Kasdeya may be a demon specializing in poisons. She is additionally said because the fifth supernatural being.
  19. Prosperine:
    Prosperine is additionally referred to as the aristocrat of Hell. She likes to help Belial in amorous relationships. Prosperine is additionally said as Baal’s mother.
  20. Kok-Lir:
    Kok-Lir is that the daimon demon from Kalimantan. She prays on inquisitive men.

Vampire Boy Names:

  1. Alaric:
    Alaric may be a character from the tv show evil spirit Diaries. The that means of this melodic name is ‘noble leader’.
  2. Spike:
    Be daring and name your kid Spike, Buffy another love interest within the series “Buffy the Vampire” Spike is one amongst the foremost vicious vamps on the show. because the series progresses, Buffy tames Spike and teaches him to behave in applicable ways that. If you don’t wish it as a forename, then you’ll be able to decision him Spike in and round the house.
  3. Abchanchu:
    Abchanchu may be a legendary Bolivian evil spirit World Health Organization takes the shape of associate degree senior and helpless traveller. once the pedestrian stops and tries to assist him, he victimizes him and drink the blood
  4. Dracula:
    Count Dracula is that the titular character and also the main antagonist of the Gothic horror novel Dracula. he’s associate degree undead, century-old evil spirit, falling from male monarch the Hun. He lives in an exceedingly decaying castle within the range. The name Dracula exudes a veneer of gentle charm, however we tend to doubt that several folks can contemplate it as a reputation.
  5. Vlad:
    Vlad is believed to be the basis of many evil spirit legends, as well as the famed Dracula. except for impaling the enemies on stakes, Vlad would eat bread swaybacked within the blood of the enemies.
  6. Alessandro:
    Alessandro is one amongst the foremost charming evil spirit names. The name is associate degree exotic and strange version of Alexander and means that defender of humans. The notable namesakes of this name embrace Alessandro Count Alessandro Volta, the authoritative scientist.
  7. Draven:
    The name Draven comes from the word draefend, which suggests ‘Hunter.’ The name encompasses a chantlike charm, and Wiccan feel thereto, in all probability why a member of Linkin Park adopted it.
  8. Malcolm:
    Malcolm is one amongst the characters from the yankee tv series ‘True Blood’. the tv show focuses on the being of humans and vampires in an exceedingly settlement in Louisiana. Malcolm was additionally the name of 1 of the four Scottish kings, as well as Duncan’s son World Health Organization succeed Macbeth’s throne. The that means of Malcolm is ‘a buff of St. Columbia’.
  9. Nicholas:
    Nicholas is one amongst the most leads of the pic “The evil spirit Chronicles”. he’s the lover of Lestat DE Lioncourt, World Health Organization he befriends whereas still being a personality’s. The name bishop lost some ground many years back, however continues to be a preferred, classic name and would create a solid selection. This Greek name comes from the weather ‘Nikos’, which suggests ‘victory’ and ‘laos’, which suggests ‘people’. therefore the name means that ‘victory of the people’. you’ll be able to even contemplate it’s variation Nicolas, that appearance and sounds cooler.
  10. Orpheus:
    The that means of mythical being is ‘darkness of the night’, quite fitting soubriquet for a evil spirit. mythical being is additionally the name of the legendary Hellenic language musician and writer, whose music created the rivers stop to concentrate and trees dance. therefore this name can offer your son a difficult, however ineradicable identity.

Vampire Names For Girls:

  1. Bella:
    Here’s the name of everyone’s favorite, maiden turned evil spirit. Bella is that the shot in need of the name Isabella, which suggests ‘lovely one.’ The name was used extensively till the thirteenth century and disappeared till the eighteenth century. till recently, it had been thought-about a grannie name however was a trendy soubriquet once its association with Bella Swan from the Twilight series.
  2. Elizabeth:
    Countess Elizabeth Bathory of Magyarorszag was suspected of evil spirit behavior. She would bite the flesh of the victims and bathe in their blood as a nail cutting. The name, however, it not as atrocious as its someone.
  3. Sekhmet:
    The Egyptians additionally had their share of bloodsuckers and evil spirit traditional knowledge. The Egyptian deity Sekhmet was better-known for tasting blood. As per the book, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, if Ka, a selected a part of the soul failed to receive adequate offerings, it left the grave to suck blood.
  4. Ambrosia:
    Ambrosia is just too heavenly to be the name of a evil spirit. It means that ‘food of the gods.’
  5. Bronwen:
    The name Bronwen is simply like its that means, dark and delightful. The name is kind of widespread in Wales, however is rare enough to sound exotic. Bronwen was the heroine of the classic novel however inexperienced Was My vale.
  6. Astrid:
    Astrid is another pretty evil spirit woman name. It means that ‘divinely stunning,’ that we’re positive your girl is. Besides being a favourite with the vampires, Astrid has been a Scandinavian royal name since the tenth century. Some folks even go together with Astrid Lindgren, the author of Pippi Longstocking stories.
  7. Zurie:
    The that means of this exotic sounding name is ‘white and lovely’. The name Zurie encompasses a saucy sound and quite exalted that means. Even the celeb oldsters aren’t shying removed from selecting this name for his or her girl.
  8. Elena:
    The name Elena is on the list due to the character within the hit tv series ‘Vampire Diaries’. This pan-European version of capital of Montana presently ranks #121, primarily because of the recognition of E- names. except for Elena Gilbert, Elena Kagan is additionally a worthy someone.
  9. Sonja:
    Sonja is that the name of the evil spirit taking part in a important role within the Underworld series. She is that the lover of Lucian, girl of success and a member of the evil spirit Council. The name Sonja is that the Norwegian type of Sophia. Sophia could have nonheritable the highest position for the woman baby names for 3 years, however Sonja sounds way more appealing.
  10. Layla:
    This one’s a winner. Layla has seen a big surge within the quality, part due to the double LL in it and part due to its association with Kayla. In fact, it’s on the highest thirty list these days. The that means of Layla is ‘night’ or ‘dark beauty’.

We hope you discover our list helpful. it’s altogether up to you which of them name you would like to relinquish to your kid. The name can stick with them for the lifespan. Would you retain a demon or evil spirit name for your baby? Tell within the comment section below!


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