40 Types of heels which makes you shock to know

Different types of heels that every woman must be aware of

The perfect type of heels will be boosting your confidence, transforming your looks and making heads turn once you enter any room. The main question is which one will be the best pair for you. When it is about buying the best types of heels, the shopping options are huge than you may think. Regardless of if you are looking for classy stilettos, graceful pumps or trendy boots, ensure that the fashion world will have you completely covered.  So when you select the next pair of heels, these are different types you must be aware of.

types of heels
types of heels

Various types of heels

Most of the women can only differentiate between three or four various types of heels. But there are a lot more types and most of these heels have already crossed your path. To enhance your fashion sense, here is a list of the some of the popular types of heels:

Block Heel

This type of heels will not only look very stylish but a solid heel will also tend to balance the weight of your body much better than thinner heels. They will be taking any little pressure off your foot’s front and it will add much comfort to your foot.

High Heel

High heels are available in different shapes as well as heights. Each heel of four inches and more come under this category. The most usual type of footwear that is worn with taller heels is stilettos, pumps as well as heeled sandals.

Square Heel

Square heels are exactly same as block heels. They are on the thicker side and usually rectangular shaped. This type of heels look extra stylish when combined with pumps with pointy pair but square heels is also present on booties and other types of shoes.


Pumps are classic heels. Every woman should own at least one such pair. Black and nude pumps are a timeless possession and they will be ideal for any workplace and can be combined effortlessly with a pair of denims or any dress for social get-togethers.

Wedge heels

You must be thinking that comfort and heels, these two words probably do not go together very well. But wedge heels will make you feel the other way. If you sport a wedge heel, you will see that the wedged sole will evenly distribute the weight for a comfortable experience and also add a fashionable touch.


Stiletto heels look very sexy. But you need to be an experienced walker to wear a stiletto with 3-4 inches height or any ultra slim heel.

Lace up heels

This type of heels has originated from classic ballerina or the gladiator sandal. A classic ballerina heel will be carrying a graceful, feminine vibe and a gladiator sandal with heels will be reinforcing a powerful as well as sexy tone.

Ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels are usually fastened with the help of a strap around your ankle that is frequently but not usually combined with any slingback strap for additional security.

So now you can create the perfect list of the types of heels you want by having a look at all the popular pairs mentioned above.

30 varieties of HEELS each lady ought to recognize

Woman thinking on the lounge with several shoes. Beautiful colorful

30 varieties of HEELS each lady ought to recognize
30 varieties of HEELS each lady ought to recognize

Regardless of what Norma Jean Baker said; heels area unit a woman’s best friend! the proper reasonably shoe will boost your confidence, remodel your look and create heads flip as shortly as you enter the space. the sole question is: which of them area unit best for you? once it involves heels, the looking aisles area unit broader than one may suppose. whether or not you’re when extravagant stilettos, elegant pumps or fashionable boots, you’ll make sure the word of fashion can have you ever coated. once selecting your next try of shoes, this area unit the various varieties of heels you ought to recognize.

Types of Heels

Most people will in all probability solely differentiate between 2 or 3 differing types of heels. However, there area unit, in reality, an excellent variety a lot of. while not realizing, most of them have in all probability crossed your path already. to urge your fashion A-B-C up to hurry, we’ve got listed the foremost common varieties of heels below.

Block Heel

Block heels don’t simply look super fashionable, however, a solid heel conjointly tends to distribute your body’s weight otherwise, compared to dilutant heels. Thus, they take a touch pressure off the front of your foot, which ends during a softer stand.

Block heel

Cuban Heel

The heel is taking a cue from the boys. they’re usually short to medium-tall and located on mortise joint boots, oxfords, loafers and different closed shoes. whereas the heel is incredibly solid in look, it will feature a small taper from high to bottom.

Cuban heel

Comma Heels

This modern heel is, because the name reveals, formed sort of a comma. Its uncommon crescent kind may be a modern statement and it’s improbably conspicuous.

Comma Heel

Cone Heel
The cone heel is outlined by a thick, durable base for a secure stand and a slender, delicate tip. Cone heels will be used for every kind of heeled shoes and may are available numerous heights. This heel vogue is flexible and unaltered.

Cone heel

Decorative Heel
Is there something a lot of dreamy than a fantastically embellished heel? It’s wonderful what happens once shoe designers let their imagination run wild. If solely we tend to might wear pretty very little things like this daily of the week.

Decorative Heel

Flare Heel
Just like flaring jeans, this heel gained quality throughout our favorite counterculture amount, the ’70s. Flare heels area unit defined by a slimmer base that delicately widens towards rock bottom.

Flare Heel
French Heel
The heel conjointly referred to as the Joe Louis heel or pompadour heel, maybe a variation of the spool heel. similar to the latter, the heel options a large high, a skinny middle and a chop-chop sinuous bottom half. moreover, they’re usually on the shorter aspect.

French heel

High Heel
High heels are available every kind of shapes and heights. each heel of a minimum of four inches or a lot of will make up this class. the foremost common varieties of shoes worn with a taller heel area unit pumps, stilettos, and heeled sandals.

high heels

Kitten Heel
Kitten heels area unit nice if you’re uncomfortable walking in higher heels, or if you’re on the taller aspect however don’t wish to abstain from sporting pretty heels attributable to it. this kind of heel is usually skinny and invariably below 3 inches.


Medium Heel
Medium heels have the right workplace and everyday height. they’re between 3 and 4 inches tall, that makes them ideal work shoes as they improve your posture while not golf shot an excessive amount of strain on the balls of your feet.

medium heel

Slim Heel
Slim heels area unit a horny choose for an evening on the city or a fancy occasion. The thin, tall heel adds visual length to your legs and a few springs to your step.

slim heel

Spool Heels
This ornamental variety of heel originates from Europe throughout the Baroque and Rococo periods. Its sandglass form resembles the spool of AN recent textile machine, that is wherever this heel got its name.

Spool Heel

Square Heel
Square heels, kind of like the block heels, area unit usually on the thicker aspect and rectangular in form. This vogue appearance additional stylish together with a sharp try of pumps, however, is additionally usually found on booties and different shoe models.

square heel

Thick heel
The thick heel may be a chunkier variation of the heel. they’re unremarkably used for tall boots, mortise joint boots and different durable varieties of footwear.

Thick heel

Very High Heel
Very high heels will reach heights of up to eight inches or a lot of. Really, the sky is the limit. These shoe area unit sometimes equipped with a platform within the front so as to not wound the foot and create the walking expertise softer.

Very High Heels

Different Types of Heeled Shoes
When it involves heels, there are not any rules on that variety associated with what reasonably shoe. thus it’s not stunning you’ll notice all types of mixtures star back at you from the shelves of the shoe aisle. whether or not you’re when chunky pumps or thin-heeled mortise joint boots, there’s one thing for each style.

Ankle Booties
A cool try of mortise joint boots belongs within the wardrobe staple of each lady. They’re the right in-betweener for cross-season dressing. With a chunky, medium heel your feet can last you all day long.

Ankle Boot
Pumps area unit another classic, and each lady ought to own a minimum of one try. You’ll see however an unaltered set of black or nude pumps can quickly become your go-to allrounder: they’re excellent for your weekly nine-to-five however may also be effortlessly combined with a try of jeans or a frock for social engagements.


Heeled Boots
A good try of heeled boots can keep you fashionably heat and dry on colder days. Styling tip: a smaller heel can dress your outfit down, whereas a tall heel can come through the other result.

heeled boots

Platform Heels
Platform heels feature an extra tableland within the front of the shoe. This adds comfort and conjointly many a lot of inches to the peak of your heel. Platform heels area unit best worn for nights-out and different off-the-clock occasions.

Platform heel

Wedge Heels
We’ll admit that the words comfort and heels sometimes don’t go all right along, however as so much as tall shoes go, wedge heels area unit champions therein class. the jammed sole distributed weight equally for nice walking expertise and a trendy look.

wedge heels

Wedge Sandals
If you’re searching for AN everyday shoe with a touch additional height, a wedge shoe are your friend. The flat impacted heel can keep you snug while not wanting too chunky, they conjointly look super cute once paired with a light-weight summer dress.

Wedged shoe

It doesn’t get a lot of sexier within the shoe department than a heel. However, with a height of 3 to four inches ANd an immoderate slim heel, these babies don’t seem to be for inexperienced walkers.

Stilettos sandals

High/Mid/Low Heel Sandals
Nothing enhances a summer outfit sort of a cute try of heeled sandals. to stay your feet nicely wrapped and aerated throughout the hotter months of the year, we’d prefer to introduce you to the entire type of sandals at your disposal.

high middle low heeled sandals

Slingback Heels
Slingbacks area unit outlined by a skinny strap around the heel, that secures the foot on the shoe. The absence of straps on the bridge of your feet visually elongates and slims your leg.

Slingback shoe

Ankle Strap Heels
Like the name already suggests, mortise joint strap heels area unit mounted via a strap around the mortise joint, that is usually, however not invariably, combined with a shoe strap for additional security.

ankle strap sandals

Peep Toe Heels
Peep-toe heels area unit shoes, with a hole within the front. These estival shoes add class to any outfit and a touch of vintage charm to A-line summer dresses.

Peep Toe Heels
If you favor sliding in AN out of your shoes rather simply, mules are your factor. The 90s trend has recently been creating an enormous comeback and appears particularly fabulous in velvety textiles like suede.

Mules sandals

Lace-Up Heels
Lace-up heels usually originate from 2 totally different sources of inspiration: the classic danseuse shoe or the Roman gladiator shoe. whereas the previous carries a lot of of a chic, female ambiance, the opposite reinforces a powerful and horny tone.

lace-up heels sandals

Cut-Out Heels
Cut-out heels feature inventive patterns on the shoe, that just about flip your foot into a trendy piece of art.

cut out heel sandals

The Oxford shoe has found inspiration from men’s lace-up footwear and ancient faculty uniforms. These sharp wanting shoe area unit the right addition to casual and sensible dressing.

oxfords sandals

Espadrille Heels
Espadrille heels originate from the standard Spanish shoe. The shoe options either a canvas or cotton material and a versatile sole made of woven esparto rope.

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