Banana health benefits for Diabetes patients

banana for diabetics
banana for diabetics

Most of the doctors recommend to have banana daily. we have quotation like “banana keeps doctor away” but for diabetes or pre diabetes patients have question that can we have banana in our daily diet. We Team highly restrict this fruit for diabetes and pre diabetes people. Actually banana is mutivitaminal fruits and it is rich in glucose. Already diabetes people are facing issue with high glucose problem if you have banana then you will suffer to avoid glocuse problem we recommend you to do not have banana in your diet.

Having banana caused high glycemia problems in your body and it will be impact on pan creas and insulin. Glucose levels are high in banana fruit. instead banana you can have carrot or cucumber or papaya these fruits are best for diabetes people. Focus on rich in fiber fruits and easy digestive fruits to make you healthy.

A 9 months of proper diet can control diabetes permanently, once you are hb1ac reports are below 6 then you can have moderatly in your diet. Proper lifestyle change can only control your diabetes levels and focus and natural fruits and avoid junk foods in your diet menu.

Banana Insulin Impact on Pancreas Cells:

Having bananas will be good for without diabetes people, high carbohydrates will release high glucose and pancreas release insulin levels in body. so there will be no impact.

Bananas for Low Diabetic Patients :

Banana is a nutritional fruit for everyone, banana scored Glycemia index levels are low as per recent reports. it will be recommended for diabetics who has controlled. Banana has good in carbohydrates. Diabetics can have it with limited quantity only.

How much quantity can diabetics take banana :

You can have it very minimal quantity or grams to have in your daily diet, 19 gms or 26 grams you can have it. to add additional vitamins and cabohydrates in your diet.

Banana health problems for diabetics :

Banana has rich in carbohydrates, carbohydrate raise blood sugar levels in the body it may affect you blood sugar management.

What is Glycemic Index Score of Banana :

Glycemic index score levels are below 55 or less will be good foods for diabetes patients.

Glycemic Index Levels as follows :

Low GI : 55 or Less

Medium GI : 56 to 69

High GI : 70 to 100

Conclusion :

If you have diabetes, you can enjoy bananas and its benefits. tips to have bananas here are some for you, Have smaller amount of bananas in your routine life and have banana with other fruits, taking banana spread around day. if your are taking insulin then you must avoid bananas. because it produce high glucose in your body if your body cant produce insulin properly then you may have to face the problem.


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