Hemanth Kumar : Diabetes Reversal techniques naturally in 30 Days

Diabetes successful journey
Diabetes successful journey

Diabetes Reversal techniques naturally in 30 Days

Beautysystemonline.com will Provide daily Information about diabetes and we aim to defeat diabetes in India. Diabetes is biggest problem in worldwide, in India almost 15% people are suffering with diabetes 2022 reports says. Lets Break Diabetes chain and reverse type 2 diabetes naturally reversable. Today we will talk about Hemanth Successful journey diabetes reversal naturally.

Introduction of Hemanth Kumar Diabetes:

My Name is Hemanth Kumar, From Hyderabad and I have diabetes from 12 years, my age is 57 years, I usually taking medicines 1800/- per month. I have faced lot of problems with diabetes, I have tried many medicines to control diabetes but I didn’t find any medicines to cure diabetes. Finally, I found one answer is a perfect diet can only help to control diabetes, and I tried it for 11 months I got amazing results that is my hd1ac reports falls under 6.

Struggle and Hard days of Hemanth :

  • When I got my first diabetes report that time I was shocked with that report because I don’t have any diabetes symptoms but my reports says I have diabetes.
  • I got fear about diabetes and I am confused about diet what to eat and what not to eat.
  • I consult with doctor took medicines following diet but still I have fear in my mind.
  • After 1 year I became normal about diabetes and keep using my monthly medicines.

My Successful Journey Diabetes Reversal Naturally for 9 Months:

Diabetes has two types one is Type 1 diabetes can’t be reversed the only medicine can be controlled, type 2 diabetes can be reversed through lifestyle changes only. Let’s talk about how I won diabetes in 9 months. I used to take medicine worth 2000/- which I have for 12 years. Now it is Nil to pay for medicines. Now my sugar levels are normal my fasting sugar levels are under 100 mg/dl and after lunch 2 hours sugar levels are 140 mg/dl. All the thing happens because of my life style change.

My Lifestyle changes as follows as:
  1. Every day in the morning walk around 6500+ Steps for one hour. The more you walk the more you control diabetes. Keep focus on daily walking it will helps in digestion system.
  2. Try to add vegetables in the morning diet, don’t take fruits like mango, banana, sapota, custard apple.
  3. Eat only 2 times a day. Only water. No tea, coffee, soft drinks, prasad, Except green tea, biscuits or chocolates, cakes.
  4. Don’t take fast foods, junk foods, bread, milk products, bakery items.
  5. Take Greeny Leafs 500 to 600 gms every day, no potatos and sweet potatos.
  6. Take only minimal fruits except restricted fruits.
  7. Walk 500 to 1000 steps every day after meal will be great help full.
  8. If you are taking medicine follow this daily and check hb1ac monthly if it is droping down ask your doctor to reduce medicines. Once hb1ac falls under 6 for 6 months without medicines, you will be diabetes free. Maintain this lifestyle life time you will be diabetes free.
  9. You will be reversed diabetes for 9-12 months like me.

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