Type 2 Diabetes Can Have Sweets Limitedly??


Most of the diabetes patients are sweet lovers now a days, especially type 2 diabetes patients, sweets and cake lovers are most intrested to have sweets and cakes. but it may not work them and it will increase thier glocuse levels without thier knowledge so try to avoid it but if you are really uncontrollable to have sweets you must have to control you diet accordingly. Normal sugar level in the blood are 100 mg/dl and 140 Mg/Dl and if you have change sugar levels obnormally then you have to follow diet control for 3 months and do HB1AC test where you will know past 3 months sugar levels.

But Sweet lovers with type 2 diabetes can have sugar less sweets if they want, with sugar sweets are stictly prohibited. To control type 2 diabetes try to avoid milk products as much as you can.

Type 2 Diabetes Kids can have Sweets :

Diabetes dont have any age limits it can come to anyone, so proper diet and walk can help them to control thier diabetes. there is no medicine till now to cure diabetes, have health food and diet can only help diabetes patients.

Above 30 Age Type 2 diebetes people can have diabetes:

If your sugar levels are controlled and hb1ac reports are under 5.5 and below then you can have it only, because 5.5 below hb1ac comes under no diabetes so you can have it only. above 5.5 and 7.5 you can have it only sugar less sweets.

is Prediabetes patients can have sweets :

prediabetes patients also try to avoid sweets because prediabetes is nothing but a diabetes only so try to avoid sweets for 3 months and check your hd1ac then contact you doctor, based on your physician follow your diet.

Diabetes patients can eat Sugarless Sweets:

Type 2 diabetes patients can have sugarless sweets based on your physician suggestion only. because some sugarless sweets are also prohibited in sugar patients diet. try to avoid sweets you in diet menu and have it healthy patients only. If you are taking insulin then you are not allowed to take any sweets.

What types of sweets should be avoided by sugar patients:

Sugar patients should not eat any kind of sweets, having one sweet may kill your 6 months diet control so as much as possible avoid it.

Sweets impact on sugar patients :

Diabetes patients who will have a sweets they may face huge problems in their daily life and health, they may face heart problesm and liver functioning and kidney problems so you must avoid sweets.


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