Anushka shetty will marry gapichand

anushka shetty
anushka shetty

Its intresting gossip in indian film industry, Anushka shetty marriage the most waited event in telugu film industry, lets get into the topic, anushka shetty marriage have many rumours in the industry, prabhas and anushka are in love they will get marriage soon but after that gossip now anushka gopichand marriage is an intresting topic in the industry.

About anushka shetty :

Anushka shetty is very popular actress in south indian cinema and she is having huge fan base like super stars, anushka stared in bahubali 1 and 2 versions. Anushka shetty is popular in bollywood also. she was born and bought up in karnataka, and her debut film with super in telugu movie, she played lead role with nagarjuna in that movie. after bahubali she got huge fame in indian cinema.

Anushka shetty Love :

Anushka shetty loves most her fashion dresses and jewellery, anushka shetty sare designs have huge collections in the market, her designed jewellery have good demand in the market. anushka shetty is brand ambassador to many south india fashion malls.

Anshka prabhas journey :

in social media huge gossips rounds anushka will marry prabhas and they are in love in the time of mirchi movie shooting after that during bahubali time they have huge bonding relation but anushka shetty clarifies they are just friends and they are not getting marriage.


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