12 hours fasting will defeat diabetes

12 hours fasting will defeat diabetes
12 hours fasting will defeat diabetes

These days many people are facing diabetes problem across the world and in india almost 30 million people are facing this problem because of their diet and night work outs its happening. here is some good news for pre diabetes people, optimised diet and meditation and work out can control. walking and jogging, daily diet can impact on diabetes.

After Lunch walking steps:

Yes, after lunch walking can help to control diabetes faster, it will help to boost your digestion effectivly. try to have fiber content much.

Importance of Brown Rice:

Must have brown rice meal a day, brown rice will help you to boost immunity. Easy digestion to your digestion system. Diabetes will be control much. its really works for pre diabetes patients, who are facing, brown rice makes 60% lower chances to get diabetes.

Sleep Impact on Diabetes:

Yes, huge impact on diabetes. these modern working days many people having sleep problem to avoid stress you should follow your sleep properly. 8 Hours of sleep makes you healthy. improper sleep will impact on digestion system.


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