Why should you select a Biblical name for your baby boy?

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    These days most of the parents prefer to name their boys after individuals in the Bible as a result of their faith. They feel connected to the Biblical individual and wish to link their son to them to some extent. The Bible has always been an important source for unique Biblical boy names and few most usual names directly come from the Bible. The trend in the baby boy names frequently determines which of the names from the Bible have been used. Some of the names are very common in specific time than other names and some of them are classics that most parents keep on using one generation after another. Similarly as people look out for the Bible for advices on different life aspects, they consider the bible when selecting a name for their baby boy. If you are having a strong believe in God, then no one is better to name your boy other than the men and women in the Bible.

    Important tips for selecting a Biblical boy name

    Have you decided to give unique Biblical boy names to your son? Then your next step is to select the perfect one. There are many unique Biblical boy names. So it will be overwhelming when you try to select the one that is perfect for your son. Here are few important tips to aid you in making your decision much easier.

    Try saying it repeatedly

    You will say your baby boy’s name many times for the rest of your life. So ensure that you enjoy to say it. Narrow down the options to some names and say those names repeatedly. Try to carefully listen to the names and ask your spouse to also listen to them and keep on saying them repeatedly to you. It will aid you in narrowing down your list of unique Biblical boy names and also aid you in making the final decision.

    Write it down

    There are several ways of spelling and naming. You can write the names and see how it will help in deciding whether you will like the boy’s name. You can see if the name is too long or short when you write it down and if your son will have a challenging time in writing it. By writing the unique Biblical boy names you will be able to see it some different way and will aid you in deciding if you like it or not.

    Match it with your surname

    Match the Biblical name that you have selected with your surname and see how it will sound. You need to consider the entire name of your son and ensure that the name rolls off your tongue properly and also sounds perfectly. You will never wish to give a name to your baby boy that will be difficult to pair with your surname.

    Have a proper understanding of the Biblical story

    If you select unique Biblical boy names, you must be aware of that man’s story mentioned in the Bible. Before selecting a name for your boy, search for names that you like the best as well as read the associated stories. The name does not have to be a character to which you wish to link your boy.

    You baby boy might ask you to explain his name’s meaning one day or even ask you the reason behind selecting such a name. If you share the story with your boy then it will be a precious moment. Your boy will feel special when he will know that you named him after someone who was a part of a vital religious or any historical moment.


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