Type 1diabetes problems and tips 2022

    Type 1diabetes problems and tips
    Type 1diabetes problems and tips

    Get an idea of some tips related to type 1diabetes

    Type1 diabetes is known to be an autoimmune condition that takes place when the body by mistake attacks cells present in the pancreas and responsible for making insulin. A person suffering from type 1diabetes stops to produce insulin. A buildup of glucose occurs in the bloodstream and glucose does not reach the cells. This condition is known as high blood sugar and if untreated can cause death or coma. There are some tips that you can follow if you are suffering from type1 diabetes to keep it under control and manage other health issues.

    What is the diet that you must follow during type 1 diabetes?

    The blood sugar level will rise and falls on the basis of the types of food you are eating. Foods containing sugar or starch will rapidly cause a rise in the blood sugar levels. A gradual increase will be caused by protein as well as fat. Your doctor may suggest that you start limiting the carbohydrate amount that you consume daily. A balance should be brought in the intake of carb with the help of insulin doses. Start working with a dietician who will aid you in designing a proper meal plan for diabetes. If you get the correct balance of protein, carbs along with fat, it will aid you in controlling your blood sugar.

    If you eat healthy, then you will be able to manage diabetes. Sometime, if you bring a change in your diet, you can easily control it. The foods that you must include in your diet during type1 diabetes must be complex carbohydrates like:

    • Brown rice
    • Oatmeal
    • Whole wheat
    • Vegetables
    • Fruits
    • Lentils
    • Beans

    There are some foods that you must strictly avoid if you suffer from type1 diabetes:

    • Simple carbohydrates such as processed and refined sugars. For ex: cookies, pastries, pastas, white bread and chips.
    • Trans and high fat animal products.
    • Sodas.

    How can you prevent health complications?

    Type 1diabetes will increase the risk associated with several conditions such as:

    • Cardiovascular disease: This type of diabetes will be raising the risks associated with heart attack, stroke as well as impaired circulation.
    • Neuropathy: If you feel that you are losing limb sensation then it will cause balance problems, lack of awareness at the time of cuts and ulcers developing on your legs and feet.
    • Kidney disease: Kidney failure will be caused by diabetic nephropathy.
    • Loss of vision: Retina present in the back of your eye can get damaged and this called diabetic retinopathy.
    • Unawareness of hypoglycemia: If you suffer often from hypoglycemia, the brain is unable to sense any low blood sugar level. Individuals will not realize that their blood sugar level is low and also will not correct it. Thus it can cause accidents if you are driving with low blood sugar levels.
    • Amputation: Improper circulation will make wounds appearing on the legs as well as feet very difficult to get healed. Thus it can make amputation very necessary.

    So if you wish to stay ahead of these problems then:

    • Become active to manage blood sugar.
    • Go for regular medical checkup.
    • Have vision and kidney function tests yearly.
    • Get your feet checked by your doctor to detect any signs and symptoms of nerve problems one time annually.
    • Keep a check on blood sugar often, mostly before you drive to avoid hypoglycemia.

    Bottom line

    If you maintain a healthier food choice then you can control type 1diabetes very easily. Other than this, daily physical activity will pay off well. You need to understand how physical activity along with a healthy diet can have an effect on your blood sugar and thus take medical help or eat medications as required.


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