Kidney stone problem is most frequently happening issue in this generation, in earlier stage of kidney stone formation we can cure it at home. kidney stone formation is two types in our human body

They are as follows as :

Kidney Stones : Crystal stones, can dilute.
Galbal Stones: are stones cant dilute.

Palak , Tomota may not cause stones: Many people are feeling that eating tomoto and palak leaves may cause to form stones in kidney, but it is not at all true. Having tomoto is not an real issue to form stones in kidney. the main reasons are not drinking water.

Natural food will never harm your health:

Having natural food is really healthy, if you have kidney problems or urine problems then you can have rich water content food which helps to consume water content to you body, rich water content food like watermelon, oranges, strawberry, pineapple and many more.

Lower drinking of water: These days people are busy with their works before laptops and stress they are not taking proper water so that human body is dehydrating and uric acids are not going through urine, when urine is not going out that time indigestion food particles may form like a stones and causes to urinary infections. if we take atleast 3 litres water per day will avoid urine problems and minor stone problems.

Importance of Urine: Urine is best way clean our stomach, when you drink much water more often urine will come out. When urine is coming that time through out indigestion particles and small stones which form in kidney, based on your water consumption your body.

Usage of Salt: If you are in earlier stage of kidney stone problem then try to avoid salty food and pickles.

Tips for Early Stage Stone Formation :

Early Morning 1.5 Liter drinking will clear toxins and it will dilute stones in kidney.

Result may vary based on stone size, stone position.

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