Diabetes is biggest problem in the world these days. Diabetes attacking small kids to old age people, all effecting with this problem. Diabetes is not well managed disease but having proper food we can manage blood sugar levels in the body.

Beans Benefits :

  1. Beans have low glycemic index, its important for diabetes.
  2. Rich in B Vitamins
  3. its having calcium
  4. potassium is also good in beans.
  5. Beans contains good amount of magnesium.
  6. Beans contains fiber level which is important for diabetes.

Eggs :

Eggs consumption is reduces heart risk level.

Eggs can improve you immunity and improve your blood sugar management

Eggs can control inflammation, improve insulin sesitivity.

Chia Seeds :

Chia seeds are super food for diabetes people.

Chia seeds are high in fiber.

Apple cider vinegar:

its a good food for diabetes affected people. Apple cider vinegar improves blood sugar levels.

Strawberries :

Strawberries have anti inflammatory properties and may have improve insulin resistance.


It control inflammation in the body.

It controls LDL Cholestrol.

It lowers blood pressure.

it controls blood sugar levels.


Flaxseeds will reduce heart risk.

Flaxseeds will decrease blood sugar levels.

Flaxseed will improve insulin sensitivity.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil :

It has health benefits for blood pressure and heart health.

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