pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin we all know its king vegetables in size wise and vitamins wise. Pumpkin we use to take many ways like in curry preparation and sweet also. Pumpkin contains many vitamins like vitamin a, vitamin b2 ,vitamin c, vitamin e, iron, copper, manganese and many.

Pumpkin seeds is the source for many vitamins it will helps to boost immunity power and brain power will also boosts.

Zinc vitamin is good in pumpkin seeds, having pumpkin seeds will improve heart heath and protect certain health cancers.

Pumpkin seeds have antioxidants :

Its having high antioxidants with other nutrients called iron ,zinc ,magnesium and also have many others. 151 calories in 28 grams. pumpkin seeds are best for those who are having vitamin deficiency. it will help to improve antioxidants level in the body.

Health Improvements of using pumpkin seeds :

Having pumpkin seeds daily may helps to improve your prostate glad enlarges which is causing urination problems. problems and also symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), Many scientific researches has done on pumpkin seed, recently had a research on 1400 humans over a year, having pumpkin seeds improved their quality of life.

Important of Magnesium :

Pumpkin seeds are solution for the people who are facing issues with magnesium deficiency. Most western country people are facing magnesium deficiency problem. Many researches done on this eating pumpkin seeds giving good results. Magnesium is very important to every one 600 chemical reactions will be done in our body, it controls blood sugar levels, bones growth and health and many.

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