An Overview Of Keely Shaye Smith’s Weight Loss

It is never easy to be the wife of the handsome actor, Peirce Brosnan. But the American journalist Keely Shaye Smith makes it count. They got married many yearsago, and their relationship has often been in the spotlight. Unfortunately, her weight made way to many rumors as well as speculations for several years. But finally, she got her victory. Read on to find out what she appears like now.

Who is Keely Shaye?

Keely Shaye Smith is a famous American journalist, television correspondent, and author. Before she became Mrs. Brosnan, Keely already was famous. In the middle of the 1990s, her professional career started. She worked as a show’s correspondent. She worked as a model initially and then appeared in the music video of Huey Lewis for “Stuck With You” in the year 1986. She featured in the TV show named General Hospital in the year 1990 as a minor character. She is also known the best for being as a correspondent in many news shows such as Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight and even in ABC’s The Home Show that got her many awards.

She is a gardening and horticulture enthusiast. She is often invited to be a part of the lifestyle TV shows for sharing her expertise.

For the audience globally, she is the wife of the actor named Pierce Brosnan who earned stardom with movies like Mrs. Doubtfire, James Bond 007, and many more. From the beginning of Keely’s career, her weight gain has been a topic of discussion in the media as frequently as her achievements professionally.

Why did Keely Shaye gain weight?

She is a public figure. So her looks have always been under scrutiny. After her marriage to Pierce Brosnan, she gained more than 70 pounds. The media was fast to notice this and questioned such a sudden change. However, these changes never stopped her from enjoying her.

The considerable change in weight did not take place over one year or so. She has been gradually gaining weight since the middle of the 1990s. On the wedding day, she was very chubby. Keely gained more than 70 pounds until the year 2008. She flaunted her body in a bikini after this weight gain in the year 2008. The photographs got ridiculed, and she trolled by tabloids. But they could not care a less. Her husband said that he encouraged her for embracing her new curves. He always replied well to the gossip columns.

She started to gain more weight after the birth of her kids. Many women gain weight after childbirth because of hormonal effect or due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Her weight always crept up and up with the passage of years. One of the reasons for this weight gain over the years was because she was so focused to raise her two kids, Dylan, and Paris, than going to the gym and working out.

She also suffered from a few health problems in the past during the years 2009, such as she had ongoing issues with her thyroid gland. Keely’s health witnessed deterioration after she ate a carrot cake stuffed with a walnut shell at a restaurant in Lose Angeles. She sued the restaurant and also accused that she might have got a fractured tooth due to the walnut shell. The restaurant immediately got in touch with its insurance after her health concerns. It was also insisted by the restaurant that they take food safety as well as cleanliness seriously.

How did she react to her weight gain?

Keely’s changing body has always got captured in pictures. Often it happens that women who gain extra weight lack self-confidence. But she was not even bothered a little about her weight loss. Keely’s body and life, in general, pleased her. She often joked that is too old to compete for getting attention or trying to look great for pleasing those she is not familiar.

But then what the reason behind her decision of weight loss? Let us find it out.

Did this weight gain have any impact on her personal relationship?

Her weight gain was a hot topic for the media. At times there were rumors that her husband, Pierce Brosnan, was about to leave her if she did not lose weight. It also got claimed that she wished to opt for liposuction, but Pierce would not support her in that. Irrespective of all the gossip, the couple trusted each other, stood firm and Pierce Brosnan often defended her on the red carpet of any event.

Those who were close to the actor said that she tried many popular diets in the past, such as Atkins as well as South Beach for losing some weight. But she was not able to continue them for a long duration.

Apart from their works as entertainers, they are popular as they are close as well as loyal to each other. Her husband flies her out to the set whenever he missed Keely and wherever in this world it might be.

He is vocal on social media about his feelings for his wife, Keely. He always referred to her as “my girl” in all his posts. When they are on a date or celebrating some achievement together, and whenever he likes, Pierce Brosnan makes sure to posts an adorable picture of both of them happy and together. On their 25th anniversary, he wrote her a love letter that he posted on Instagram.

Her husband was never really bothered about this gain of weight. He even said that people who have been commenting on her wife’s weight are “nasty.” But media would never stop mentioning Keely’s weight by saying that he appreciated her wife’s curves and both enjoyed having large meals. He always refused to deal with any crazy comment or rumors related to her.

Why did Keely decide to lose weight?

According to the different reports on the internet, Keely lost weight because her husband wanted her to. But honestly saying that is outrageous as well as demeaning on many levels to one of the best couples of Hollywood.

Keely is a strong and independent woman. She is also the wife of the popular actor and a mother. The type of responsibility she has been taking as a human being is enormous. So it is not a brainer that she or any other woman can think of losing or keeping it. But if she decided to give up her unhealthy eating habits and live a healthy lifestyle, then we have much more respect for her.

In the year 2015, she shocked the word after her photographs showed the happy couple in Malibu riding bicycles. Keely lost over 100 pounds. An individual who was close to her said that rather than trying the latest diet as well as counting calories, Keely added a change in her lifestyle. She started to exercise and eat healthier. It was such a refreshing change as her husband finally admitted that their diet included foods mainly filled with carb and wine just two years before.

How did she lose weight?

Keely was trying different diets for losing weight. But none of those fad diets worked. But she finally managed to get adapted to a healthier way of living.

Nothing much related to her diet as well as workout is available online. After she changed her lifestyle, she lost almost 120 pounds. She committed to exercising and healthy eating habits. She is also able to maintain her weight loss. You will not believe how she looks like today.

What is the effect of the weight loss on the couple?

Keely never commented about her weight in the past. She rarely did any interviews. But there have been regular reports from blogs as well as media about her weight. There were reports that the couple is going through personal issues, and their married life is not working. But it was always proved that those are not true and were just rumors. They are still together showing affection and ever attending various events together. Pierce Brosnan also commented that he loves her wife’s vitality and her passion. She has strength, and he would not be able to live without her. He also said that he goes weak when she looks at him. But at this age, it does not seem likely. Moreover, she thrilled her husband,who does not want her to change. They also do not care about anyone saying anything to them.

Final words

So to sum up things, never feel bad about others say about your body and weight. If you wish to live a healthy life and lose weight, then it is your individual choice and decision. Eat healthily, and then follow as well as maintain a good lifestyle. It will never give you a feeling that you are on any weight loss diet. Let some women such as Keely Shaye be an inspiration for losing weight and living a healthy and balanced life as losing 100 pounds is not as vital as being a great human being.

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