How to remove acrylic nails?

Do you need to get off your acrylic nails? But you do not have much time and patience to visit the salon? If you remove acrylics forcefully it can also sometime remove your natural nail plate’s different layers. Usually it will result in thin, damaged and flimsy nails that will be lasting for several months before they start to grow out. It will be the best possible way. So if choose to remove it at home then you need know how to remove acrylic nails properly at home for any damage free removal.

Steps to remove acrylic nails

Acrylic nails looks very pretty. Unlike any gel or normal manicure, they are not only chip proof and life proof but if you be careful, they will be lasting for several weeks without any required touch ups. There is only one concern and that is how to remove acrylic nails.There are some tried as well as true methods when it is related to removing acrylic nails at your home. Regardless of you are sporting a French manicure on your faux nails or tried jelly nails, you can choose from the below mentioned removal options.

Use acetone soak off

1st Step: Clip off the excess acrylics carefully. Cut them close to the real nails.

2nd Step: Use any nail buffer to rough up the polish surface till the shine gets off completely. Remove the top layer and let the polish become soft quickly in acetone.

3rd Step: Pour acetone in a tray or any bowl. Then soak the nails properly in it for 5 minutes.

4th Step: Use a metal cuticle pusher and gently push off the polish from your nails by pushing downwards from the cuticles.

5th Step: Re-dip the nails for another 5 minutes and push again gently. Repeat it till the acrylics have soaked off completely.

6th Step: Buff the remaining smaller pieces with a nail buffer.

7th Step: Massage your nails gently with cuticle oil for rehydrating them. Then buff it well into the nails by using the soft side of your buffer. At last apply another layer of the cuticle oil.

Use electric file or nail bit

1st Step: Be careful and sand down your acrylics gently with one sanding bit, by taking off the acrylics’ top layer.

2nd Step: After this soak one cotton swab with acetone and wrap it properly around the nails. Cover it completely with tinfoil and let all your fingers swaddle in foil.

3rd Step: After 15-20minutes, unwrap your soaked fingers and remove your excess acrylic with one cuticle pusher.

4th Step: Rinse off your hands and then apply a fine quality cuticle oil.

Use acetone along with plastic bags:

1ST Step: Cut off your acrylic nails by getting as close as your real nails without snipping off.

2nd Step: Pour acetone in a large Ziploc plastic bag and fill it up in such a way that you can submerge your nails fully.

3rd Step: Tilt the plastic bag to one side in order to pool acetone into one of corner of the bag. Then put your hand inside the bag and let your acrylic nails get soaked in the acetone.

4th Step: Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes and then start scraping off your acrylics gently with the help of any wooden cuticle stick.

5th Step: If the acrylics are not pushing off easily then try to re-soak them again for 5 more minutes and then try it again.

6th Step: Buff off remaining residue for getting a great finish.

So now that you are aware of how to remove acrylic nails, try removing them at home.

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