Different types of heels that every woman must be aware of

The perfect type of heels will be boosting your confidence, transforming your looks and making heads turn once you enter any room. The main question is which one will be the best pair for you. When it is about buying the best types of heels, the shopping options are huge than you may think. Regardless of if you are looking for classy stilettos, graceful pumps or trendy boots, ensure that the fashion world will have you completely covered.  So when you select the next pair of heels, these are different types you must be aware of.

Various types of heels

Most of the women can only differentiate between three or four various types of heels. But there are a lot more types and most of these heels have already crossed your path. To enhance your fashion sense, here is a list of the some of the popular types of heels:

Block Heel

This type of heels will not only look very stylish but a solid heel will also tend to balance the weight of your body much better than thinner heels. They will be taking any little pressure off your foot’s front and it will add much comfort to your foot.

High Heel

High heels are available in different shapes as well as heights. Each heel of four inches and more come under this category. The most usual type of footwear that is worn with taller heels is stilettos, pumps as well as heeled sandals.

Square Heel

Square heels are exactly same as block heels. They are on the thicker side and usually rectangular shaped. This type of heels look extra stylish when combined with pumps with pointy pair but square heels is also present on booties and other types of shoes.


Pumps are classic heels. Every woman should own at least one such pair. Black and nude pumps are a timeless possession and they will be ideal for any workplace and can be combined effortlessly with a pair of denims or any dress for social get-togethers.

Wedge heels

You must be thinking that comfort and heels, these two words probably do not go together very well. But wedge heels will make you feel the other way. If you sport a wedge heel, you will see that the wedged sole will evenly distribute the weight for a comfortable experience and also add a fashionable touch.


Stiletto heels look very sexy. But you need to be an experienced walker to wear a stiletto with 3-4 inches height or any ultra slim heel.

Lace up heels

This type of heels has originated from classic ballerina or the gladiator sandal. A classic ballerina heel will be carrying a graceful, feminine vibe and a gladiator sandal with heels will be reinforcing a powerful as well as sexy tone.

Ankle strap heels

Ankle strap heels are usually fastened with the help of a strap around your ankle that is frequently but not usually combined with any slingback strap for additional security.

So now you can create the perfect list of the types of heels you want by having a look at all the popular pairs mentioned above.

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